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Dive into the strategic depths of submarine warfare with 688 Attack Sub, a simulation game that immerses players in the intense world of naval combat beneath the waves.

688 Attack Sub, developed by Electronic Arts, offers players the opportunity to command a Los Angeles-class submarine in a realistic and immersive naval simulation experience.

Released in 1989, the game showcases the strategic challenges and tactical decisions involved in modern submarine warfare.

Submarine Command

Realistic Controls

As the commander of a nuclear-powered submarine, players take control of every aspect of the vessel, from navigation and propulsion to weapon systems and sonar.

The game emphasizes authenticity in its portrayal of submarine operations.

Authentic Submarines

688 Attack Sub features a range of authentic Los Angeles-class submarines, each with unique capabilities and characteristics.

Players must master the intricacies of their chosen vessel to succeed in various missions.

Engaging Gameplay

Mission Variety

The game offers a diverse range of missions, including reconnaissance, anti-submarine warfare, and engaging enemy fleets.

Each mission presents different challenges, requiring players to adapt their strategies and tactics accordingly.

Sonar Warfare

A crucial element of the game is sonar warfare, where players use advanced sonar systems to detect and track enemy vessels.

Mastering sonar operations is essential for evading detection and launching effective attacks.

Strategic Decision-Making

Tactical Choices

688 Attack Sub places a strong emphasis on strategic decision-making.

Players must make critical choices regarding engagement, evasion, and resource management.

Success often hinges on well-calculated maneuvers and precise timing.

Enemy AI

Engaging with intelligent enemy AI adds complexity to the gameplay.

Opponents react dynamically to the player’s actions, creating an immersive and challenging experience.

Immersive Graphics and Sound

Visual Realism

The game’s graphics strive for realism, depicting underwater environments, submarine interiors, and naval vessels with detailed accuracy.

The visuals contribute to the overall immersion and authenticity of the simulation.

Atmospheric Sound Design

The game’s sound design enhances the experience, with authentic sonar pings, engine noises, and radio communications contributing to the immersive atmosphere of submarine warfare.

Legacy and Impact

Influence on Naval Simulations

688 Attack Sub played a significant role in popularizing submarine simulation games, setting a standard for realistic naval combat experiences that would influence future titles.

Enduring Appeal

Despite its age, the game’s strategic depth and immersive gameplay continue to captivate players interested in naval simulations and military strategy.


In conclusion, 688 Attack Sub offers a comprehensive and realistic submarine simulation experience, challenging players to navigate the complexities of underwater warfare with strategic prowess.

Its attention to detail, engaging gameplay, and immersive atmosphere make it a notable title in the genre.

Play 688 Attack Sub online

You can now experience the strategic challenges of submarine warfare by playing 688 Attack Sub online for free on our website.

Immerse yourself in the world of naval combat and test your skills against challenging missions.

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Is 688 Attack Sub suitable for players new to submarine simulations?

While the game offers realistic mechanics, it provides tutorials and guidance to help new players learn the intricacies of submarine operations.

What types of submarines are featured in the game?

688 Attack Sub features a variety of Los Angeles-class submarines, each with distinct attributes and capabilities.

How important is mastering sonar operations in the game?

Sonar warfare is a fundamental aspect of the gameplay, as effectively using sonar systems is crucial for detecting and engaging enemy vessels.

Does the game feature a variety of missions?

Yes, the game offers a diverse range of missions, from reconnaissance to engaging enemy fleets, ensuring players have a variety of challenges to tackle.

Is 688 Attack Sub still relevant and enjoyable today?

Despite its age, the game’s realistic mechanics, strategic depth, and immersive atmosphere continue to make it enjoyable for players interested in submarine simulations and naval warfare.