ABC Monday Night Football

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Monday Night Football delivers an exhilarating football experience, featuring intuitive controls, memorable commentary, and strategic gameplay, ensuring hours of joy for sports gaming enthusiasts

Monday Night Football, crafted by Data East, brings the spirit of the 1993 NFL season to gaming consoles. Despite lacking an official NFL license, the game compensates by delivering an immersive Regular Season feature, allowing players to engage with the excitement of 16 distinct teams.

Gameplay Analysis

Monday Night Football offers a delightful gaming experience, even with its somewhat repetitive field layouts. The gameplay comprises four quarters, each lasting five minutes. A notable inclusion is the Power Play feature, adding an extra layer of strategy. While the CPU may pose a challenge, leveraging a Turbo-enabled controller enhances the gaming dynamics. Frank Gifford’s commentary, triggered by remarkable plays, adds a touch of authenticity, offering replay-worthy moments.

Auditory Experience

The auditory elements in Monday Night Football exhibit limited diversity. Crowd reactions and Frank Gifford’s voice samples provide a modest soundscape. Gifford’s iconic phrases, such as “Whoa, Nellie,” accompany significant plays, contributing to the game’s charm. However, the overall audio experience lacks depth, with the opening music standing out as the most noteworthy component.

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Visual Presentation

Adopting an overhead view reminiscent of SNES John Madden Football games, Monday Night Football excels in graphical representation during Power Play sequences. The coloration of different teams is commendable, though occasional challenges arise in distinguishing between teams. Subtle graphics detailing moments like division-clinching add to the visual appeal. Some aspects, however, may benefit from enhanced detailing, especially during overworld navigation.

 User Control

Monday Night Football boasts an intuitive control system. Players can easily navigate passing, execute plays, and handle kicking and punting. The simplicity of controls makes the game accessible to both seasoned players and newcomers, emphasizing inclusivity. The flexibility to gain yardage even without strict adherence to the designated play enhances the overall accessibility and enjoyment.

Final Recommendation

Monday Night Football stands as a compelling choice for football enthusiasts seeking an engaging gaming experience. While the computer AI might not pose a formidable challenge, the overall design ensures entertainment and accessibility for sports fans. The game’s unique features and nostalgic elements make it a worthwhile addition to any gaming library.

Experience the thrill of Monday Night Football in your living room—where every play is a chance for glory!


In conclusion, Monday Night Football offers a satisfying gaming experience for football enthusiasts, combining accessible controls with engaging gameplay. Whether you’re a sports newbie or a seasoned player, the game’s unique features and nostalgic elements make it a valuable addition to the world of football video games.

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Play Monday Night Football Online Anywhere, Anytime

Now, the excitement of Monday Night Football extends beyond your SNES. Immerse yourself in the action not only on your gaming console but also on your web browser or mobile and tablet devices. Enjoy the immersive football experience across multiple platforms.

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Can I play Monday Night Football on modern gaming platforms?

Yes, Monday Night Football is now available for play not only on the original SNES but also on web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets, providing a versatile gaming experience.

How long does a typical game session last in Monday Night Football?

A standard game session in Monday Night Football comprises four quarters, each lasting five minutes, resulting in an engaging and manageable gameplay duration.

Is Monday Night Football suitable for players new to sports gaming?

Absolutely! Monday Night Football’s intuitive controls make it accessible to players of all levels, ensuring an enjoyable experience for sports enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

What makes the Power Play feature unique in this game?

The Power Play feature introduces a strategic element to the gameplay, allowing players to leverage special moves in both running and passing. Mastering this feature adds depth to the gaming experience.

Can I enjoy this game without an in-depth knowledge of football?

Yes, the game caters to a wide audience, providing an entertaining football experience regardless of your familiarity with the sport. The emphasis on accessible controls ensures everyone can relish the thrill of this game.