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Ace Combat Advance delivers thrilling aerial combat, offering diverse aircraft, engaging missions, and strategic gameplay, ensuring an exhilarating experience for aviation enthusiasts

Ace Combat Advance brings the thrill of aerial combat to the palm of your hands. Join the United Air Defense against the ruthless Air Strike Force and experience intense dogfights in the skies. Immerse yourself in a futuristic world where global corporations battle for control, and only the most skilled pilots can turn the tide.

Introduction to Ace Combat Advance

In the year 2032, the concept of globalization has blurred the frontiers between countries, giving rise to unprecedented corporate conflicts. The Ace Combat Advance instruction booklet sets the stage with a powerful statement: “One huge multinational corporation has hogged all of the Earth’s natural resources and created an Air Strike Force, its own personal sky army.” The narrative unfolds as smaller corporations unite to form the United Air Defense (UAD), a counterforce against the oppressive Air Strike Force. As the newest pilot in the UAD, your mission is clear: defend against the ruthless Air Strike Force at all costs.

Gameplay Overview

Ace Combat Advance offers a straightforward yet engaging gameplay experience. Players choose from a selection of airplanes, each equipped with various missiles. The missions, though somewhat clichéd, involve tasks such as destroying ground targets, eliminating fuel supplies, and defending the home base against enemy onslaughts. The game sets the stage for intense aerial warfare, requiring strategic thinking and precision to emerge victorious.

Ace Combat Advance (GBA gallery 03)

Aircraft Variety and Limitations

The game presents players with a variety of airplanes, each boasting unique statistics influencing its performance in the air or on the ground. While visual distinctions among planes are limited, the differences in stats become crucial for effective gameplay. The array of missiles adds a layer of strategy, with each type offering specific advantages.

Graphics and Terrain

Ace Combat Advance faces criticism for its substandard graphics. Players often find themselves traversing over repetitive terrains, which can lead to moments of monotony. Lackluster visuals for machine gun fire and missiles contribute to the game’s graphical drawbacks. However, the end-of-mission still graphics provide a brief moment of visual appeal.

Controls and Radar System

The controls in Ace Combat Advance are designed for accessibility. The right trigger accelerates, the left serves as the brake, and the A and B buttons control the machine gun and missiles, respectively. The radar system plays a crucial role, providing essential information about the positions of enemies and allies. Mastering the radar becomes key to surviving the challenging dogfights.

Combat Challenges and Health Management

Engaging ground targets while dodging missiles and enemy aircraft creates intense combat scenarios. Quick health depletion, even on the novice setting, demands strategic play. The radar becomes an indispensable tool for survival, guiding players to destroy both primary and secondary targets efficiently.

Game Duration and Replayability

Ace Combat Advance offers a relatively short gameplay duration. The absence of a training/tutorial mode contributes to the game’s ease, allowing players to complete the main quest swiftly. However, the game introduces replayability through secondary objectives, encouraging players to achieve the coveted “S” ranking.

Ace Combat Advance (GBA gallery 01)


While Ace Combat Advance delivers an engaging aerial combat experience on GBA, it falls short in terms of graphics and variety. The absence of a robust training mode may impact the learning curve for new players. Despite these drawbacks, the game succeeds in providing an immersive experience of futuristic aerial warfare.

Soar to new heights, defeat the Air Strike Force, and become the ultimate Sky Warrior in Ace Combat Advance!

Play Ace Combat Advance Online Anywhere

Enjoy Ace Combat Advance on your computer, mobile, or tablet. Immerse yourself in aerial battles whether you’re at home or on the go.

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How many aircraft are available in the game?

Ace Combat Advance features a selection of airplanes, each with unique stats. However, visual differences are limited, and players must rely on aircraft stats for distinctions.

Is there a multiplayer mode?

Ace Combat Advance offers engaging multiplayer challenges. While some modes require a cartridge per system, a basic two-player challenge is available with just one copy of the game.

What contributes to obtaining an S ranking?

Achieving an S ranking involves completing secondary objectives in each level. Players must demonstrate skill and efficiency to attain the highest ranks.

How long does the game last?

Ace Combat Advance provides a few hours of gameplay. After completing the main quest, players can revisit levels to achieve an S ranking and unlock additional features.

Can I play Ace Combat Advance on different devices?

Yes, you can enjoy Ace Combat Advance on your computer, mobile, or tablet, providing flexibility in where and how you experience the game. Immerse yourself in the futuristic world of Ace Combat Advance anytime, anywhere.