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Take to the skies and relive the glory of World War II with Aces of the Pacific. In this gaming masterpiece, history and aviation combine to offer an immersive experience that's truly timeless.

The Pioneering Era of Flight Sims

Back in 1992, Dynamix/Sierra introduced the world to Aces of the Pacific, setting new standards in the flight simulation genre. This iconic game offered players an extensive selection of aircraft, ranging from fighter planes to bombers.

Unlike its predecessor, BattleHawks 1942, the game expanded its horizons by introducing ground attack missions and land-based aircraft.

An Enthralling War in the Skies

The game allows you to step into the shoes of legendary aces from both the United States and Japan. You can serve with the US Navy, Army Air Force, Marines, or the Japanese Navy and Air Force.

Whether you prefer solo missions or a full-fledged career spanning major battles of World War II, this game caters to all.

The game’s realism options make each flight an authentic experience. Encounter challenging features like blackouts, weather effects, and even sun blind spots. The question isn’t whether you can handle these challenges, but how well you’ll master them.

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A Fleet of Historic Aircraft

The game prides itself on a vast collection of meticulously detailed aircraft. For the US, you’ll have access to aircraft such as the P-51D Mustang, B-17 Flying Fortress, and many more.

On the Japanese side, aircraft like the A6M Zero and Ki84 Hayate are at your disposal.

Experience the Epitome of Flight Simulations

In its prime, Aces of the Pacific was hailed as one of the best World War II combat flight simulators ever.

The game boasted a remarkable combination of detailed cockpits, extensive ground objects, and fully featured flight recording. With its complex damage modeling, carrier operations, and torpedo attacks, Aces of the Pacific delivered an unparalleled experience.

Where history and flight unite, Aces of the Pacific takes you soaring through the battles of World War II.

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Legacy and Continuation

The game was a pivotal milestone in the flight simulation world. Its excellence was succeeded by Aces Over Europe, which centered on the European theater of war. To top it off, the rare WWII: 1946 expansion pack can be downloaded, bringing a wealth of “What-if” scenarios to life.

Imagine an alternate history where atomic bombs weren’t dropped on Japan, and the invasion of the island ensues.

Soar Beyond Boundaries

Today, with the help of emulators, Aces of the Pacific continues to defy time and gravity.

You can dive into this epic air combat experience right in your web browser, making it accessible on various devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

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Aces of the Pacific is one of the best flight simulations of WWII, where every dogfight, every mission, and every legendary ace encounter is an opportunity to make history.

Play Aces of the Pacific online

Now you can play Aces of the Pacific online, in a web browser!

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When was Aces of the Pacific released, and who developed it?

Aces of the Pacific was released in 1992 and developed by Dynamix/Sierra.

What makes Aces of the Pacific unique in the flight simulation genre?

This game offers an extensive array of aircraft, ground attack missions, and land-based aircraft, making it a pioneering title in the genre.

Which nations and military branches can players choose in Aces of the Pacific?

Players can fly for the US Navy, Army Air Force, Marines, or the Japanese Navy and Air Force.

Can you describe the aircraft featured in Aces of the Pacific?

The game includes a wide selection of historic aircraft, such as the P-51D Mustang and A6M Zero.

How does Aces of the Pacific continue its legacy in the flight simulation world?

Aces of the Pacific’s success led to the creation of Aces Over Europe, covering the European theater of war, and the WWII: 1946 expansion pack, which explores “What-if” scenarios.