Addams Family Values

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Addams Family Values delivers a uniquely entertaining action RPG adventure with diverse landscapes, challenging dungeons, quirky characters, and flexible cross-platform playability for hours of delightful fun

Embark on an eccentric odyssey with Addams Family Values, an action RPG that transcends the mundane, offering players a whimsical journey through diverse landscapes, challenging dungeons, and an immersive world teeming with quirky characters.

The Quirky Family Adventure Unfolds

As the latest addition to the enigmatic Addams Family, baby Pubert falls victim to the mischievous Debbie Jellinsky, their peculiar babysitter. Departing from the confines of conventional platformers, “Addams Family Values” introduces an unparalleled twist to the action RPG genre, inviting players into a world where eccentricity knows no bounds.

Navigating the Unusual Grounds

Traverse through surreal landscapes, including mystical gardens, ominous swamps, eerie graveyards, scorching deserts, and frigid icy wastelands. The expansive top-down overworld beckons players to strategize their exploration, interact with peculiar family members and creatures, and uncover essential items that unravel the mysteries lurking within this unconventional realm.

Addams Family Values (SNES gallery 04)

Granny’s Sage Advice and Fester’s Electrifying Powers

Seek the sage advice of Granny, a fount of peculiar wisdom, providing players with valuable tips and delectable yet unusual cookies. These cookies, when consumed, enhance health or bestow temporary powers. Master the electrifying attack of Uncle Fester, a lightning bolt emanating from his palm, essential for overcoming adversaries and conquering the intricate dungeons. Maintaining optimal health becomes paramount for unleashing the attack’s maximum potential.

Dungeon Delve and Boss Confrontations

Embark on a substantial adventure featuring approximately eight challenging dungeons, each a labyrinth of traps, formidable enemies, and unique bosses. Overcoming these obstacles demands quick reflexes, keen problem-solving skills, and careful exploration. Optional side-quests pepper the narrative, promising additional rewards and extending the gameplay well beyond the ten-hour mark.

The Password Predicament

While the game’s password system facilitates the suspension and continuation of gameplay, a minor inconvenience arises from Cousin Itt’s singular appearance location near the start. This may necessitate backtracking for players near the game’s conclusion, introducing a subtle drawback in an otherwise immersive experience.

Aesthetic Delights and Atmospheric Accompaniments

Addams Family Values envelops players in a visual and auditory tapestry. Revel in visually pleasing graphics and an atmospheric soundtrack that amplifies the overall gaming experience. Dynamic weather changes, such as in the garden area, showcase realistic lightning effects and unexpected screen flashes, injecting an element of unpredictability into the adventure.

Embrace the eccentricity, conquer challenges, and rescue Pubert in Addams Family Values – where every step is a peculiar delight.

Addams Family Values (SNES gallery 02)


Despite the initial challenges posed by the vast overworld and the password system, Addams Family Values offers a surprisingly solid and entertaining title for those willing to invest time. Navigate through the quirks, unravel the mysteries, and indulge in hours of challenging fun.

Play Addams Family Values Online Anywhere, Anytime

Discover the unparalleled flexibility of playing Addams Family Values across web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets – ensuring the whimsical adventure is accessible whenever the mood strikes.

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Can I save my progress in the game?

While there’s no traditional saving, a password system allows you to suspend the game and continue later. Obtain passwords from Cousin Itt, found near the game’s start.

How diverse are the game's environments?

Addams Family Values features a wide range of landscapes, including gardens, swamps, graveyards, deserts, and icy wastelands, offering a visually varied and engaging experience

What is the main objective of the game?

The primary goal is to rescue baby Pubert from kidnapper Debbie Jellinsky by navigating the overworld, solving puzzles, and conquering dungeons.

How long does it take to complete the game?

The game offers over ten hours of gameplay, with approximately eight challenging dungeons and additional side-quests contributing to its length.

Is Addams Family Values suitable for casual gamers?

While the game introduces some initial challenges, its unique gameplay, captivating story, and entertaining elements make it accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience.