Adventures of Lolo 2

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Adventures of Lolo 2 delights with challenging puzzles, strategic gameplay, and familiar mechanics, providing an engaging and brain-teasing experience on NES and modern devices

In the world of NES platformers, few games manage to capture the essence of puzzle-solving and strategy as elegantly as Adventures of Lolo 2. Let’s embark on a journey through this game’s highs and lows, examining what makes it a unique, albeit familiar, adventure for fans and newcomers alike.

Climb the tower, solve the puzzles, save the princess – Challenge awaits in every room!


In the dead of night, Princess Lala is taken by the once-defeated Egger to a distant tower. The blue hero, Lolo, must navigate a series of intricate puzzles to rescue her. Adventures of Lolo 2 picks up where its predecessor left off, offering a familiar yet fresh puzzle experience on the NES platform.

Gameplay and Mechanics

The Familiar Journey Continues

Adventures of Lolo 2 mirrors its predecessor almost perfectly in terms of enemies, obstacles, and gameplay mechanics. At first glance, the lack of new features might seem disappointing. Yet, the game manages to retain its charm and challenge through what it knows best: mind-bending puzzles.

Adventures of Lolo 2 (NES gallery 06)

Every level is a grid-based puzzle filled with enemies, movable blocks, collectible hearts, and various hazards. The objective remains unchanged: collect all hearts to obtain a key from a treasure chest, unlocking the door to the next level.

A Testament to Wits

Lolo’s journey is far from a walk in the park. The game’s difficulty ramps up, requiring players to think outside the box, experiment, and sometimes even rely on trial and error to progress. The absence of new gameplay elements is overshadowed by the sheer complexity and variety of puzzles that lie ahead.

The Challenge Rises

Overcoming Repetition with Difficulty

Despite recycling elements from its predecessor, Adventures of Lolo 2 shines in its ability to present increasingly difficult puzzles. The game pushes players to their limits, demanding precise timing, strategic thinking, and a fair bit of patience to overcome obstacles and enemies alike.

The Medusa Dilemma

A notable critique lies in the game’s overreliance on certain puzzle mechanics, such as blocking medusas. This repetition, while challenging, can lead to a sense of monotony over the game’s fifty levels. However, the introduction of a final boss battle with Egger adds a refreshing twist, albeit being one of the easier challenges in the game.


Despite its conservative approach to innovation, Adventures of Lolo 2 stands as a solid sequel that delivers what fans loved about the original: challenging puzzles and engaging gameplay. While it may not break new ground, it proves that a sequel can thrive by sticking to its roots and polishing its core mechanics.

Adventures of Lolo 2 is an addictive puzzle masterpiece that, despite its safe gameplay choices, offers hours of brain-teasing fun. It’s a testament to the idea that sometimes, more of the same is exactly what’s needed.

Adventures of Lolo 2 (NES gallery 01)

Play Adventures of Lolo 2 Online Everywhere!

Good news for puzzle enthusiasts: Adventures of Lolo 2 is not only available on the NES platform but can also be enjoyed on the web, as well as on mobile and tablet devices. Dive into this captivating world of puzzles anytime, anywhere!

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Does Adventures of Lolo 2 introduce any new enemies or items?

No, the game retains all elements from its predecessor, focusing instead on delivering a more challenging puzzle experience.

What makes Adventures of Lolo 2 challenging?

The game ramps up in difficulty by offering more complex puzzles that require strategic thinking, timing, and experimentation.

Is there a final boss in Adventures of Lolo 2?

Yes, unlike the first game, Adventures of Lolo 2 concludes with a final boss battle against Egger, adding a new element to the gameplay.

Can I play Adventures of Lolo 2 on modern devices?

Yes, the game is accessible on the web, as well as on mobile and tablet devices, allowing players to enjoy the puzzles on various platforms.

What is the main criticism of Adventures of Lolo 2?

The main criticism lies in its repetition and lack of new gameplay elements, which can lead to a sense of monotony despite the increased challenge.