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African Trail Simulator

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Dive into the desert rally challenge of African Trail Simulator, a mountain biking game that pits you against a fierce specialist in a quest to conquer the African trail.

African Trail Simulator offers a unique mountain biking experience set in the desert. In this game, you’re pitted against a determined specialist who will stop at nothing to prove that their trail bike is the best.

Take on the challenge and navigate through the stages of the African trail while facing obstacles and opponents.


Desert Rally Adventure

Set in the vast desert, African Trail Simulator puts you on an off-road bike to conquer the African trail. Each stage presents a new challenge, and before you embark on a stage, you must carefully choose three pieces of equipment to bring with you.

This decision can greatly impact your performance, so choose wisely. As you progress, you’ll encounter other riders who will attempt to knock you off your bike, adding an extra layer of competition.

Balancing Act

Maintaining balance and speed is crucial in African Trail Simulator. As you ride over hills and uneven terrain, you need to accurately gauge your speed and even attempt wheelies to tackle the challenges effectively.

Mountain Bikes and Strategies

You have the choice of four mountain bikes with varying engine sizes, ranging from 50 cc to 650. This choice affects your speed and horsepower, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences. While the race itself lacks realistic physics and captivating scenery, it introduces an interesting twist.

Before each leg of the race, you can select three out of five objects: a first-aid kit, extra fuel, a map, an electronic compass, and a pistol.

Each object serves a different purpose and can help you navigate the challenges ahead. The map is valuable for intricate paths, the first-aid kit comes in handy for rough terrain, and the pistol serves as a defense against opponents’ aggressive tactics.

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African Trail Simulator delivers a light-hearted and action-oriented mountain biking experience. While it offers initial enjoyment, the lack of depth and realism can lead to boredom after repeated plays.

Despite the “simulator” label, the game prioritizes reflexes over complex simulation mechanics.

Play African Trail Simulator Online for Free

Experience the thrill of African Trail Simulator by playing it for free online on our website.

Immerse yourself in the desert rally challenge without the need for downloads or installations.

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