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After Burner II delivers heart-pounding aerial combat, intense missions, and seamless controls, offering an exhilarating arcade experience on Sega Genesis

After Burner II, the exhilarating flight simulation arcade shooter by Sega, promises a high-octane gaming experience. Released in 1987, it remains a classic in its genre. Now, let’s take a closer look at what this game has to offer.

A Blast from the Past

Transport yourself to the early 1990s, when playing the arcade version was a luxury. The home console version provided an accessible alternative, albeit with some quirks. Surprisingly, the game box showcased an F-15 Eagle fighter jet, whereas the in-game hero was an F-14 Tomcat.

After Burner II (genesis gallery 03)

Engage in High-Stakes Aerial Combat

Embark on adrenaline-pumping missions as you catapult off an aircraft carrier. Enemy aircraft lock onto you, hurtling towards you at breakneck speeds. Your cannons roar to life, piercing the metallic chaos around you. Lock onto your targets and unleash a barrage of missiles.

Engage in heart-stopping aerial combat and experience the rush of After Burner II!

The intensity of enemy assaults at such high speeds will leave you breathless. Activate your afterburner, execute daring dives and rolls, narrowly evading your adversaries. Engage in dogfights so close, you’ll feel the rush of wind. Day or night, the pace of battle never relents. The intercept officer’s urgent warnings become your lifeline.

Visuals and Sounds: A Nostalgic Treat

While not as graphically polished as its arcade counterpart, the game still impresses with detailed aircraft and vibrant environments. The scrolling effect adds to the immersion. As you surge forward, targets rush towards you, encapsulating the essence of After Burner’s speed and intricacy.

The music, reminiscent of the arcade version, sets the tone perfectly. When played through a stereo or headphones, the sound effects are immersive and dynamic.

Masterful Flight Controls

Pilot the F-14 Tomcat, capable of targeting multiple foes simultaneously across six challenging missions. Resupplying fuel and ammo requires a deft rendezvous with a supply plane, ensuring you stay in the thick of the action. The action is relentless, offering little respite.

While taking hits is inevitable, executing a well-timed roll can dodge incoming threats. With five continues at your disposal, mastering the missions becomes an achievable feat.

Controls are intuitive, allowing you to perform intricate maneuvers with practice. In later stages, deftly evading enemy fire and maximizing your lock-on feature become paramount for success.

After Burner II (genesis gallery 02)

Final Verdict: Soar to New Heights

After Burner II stands as a testament to Sega’s prowess, faithfully mirroring the arcade experience. With its heart-pounding missions, seamless controls, and unyielding action, it cements its place as a standout title on both the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo platforms.

Play After Burner II Anytime, Anywhere

Experience the thrill of After Burner II on our website, compatible with desktops, mobiles, and tablets. Take to the skies and dominate the enemy forces in this iconic arcade shooter.

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Can I play After Burner II on modern consoles?

After Burner II is available on various digital platforms. Now you can enjoy After Burner II online, fully playable in a web browser!

How does After Burner II compare to its predecessor?

While both games share similar gameplay elements, After Burner II refines and enhances the experience, offering more intense action and improved graphics.

What strategies are crucial for success in After Burner II?

Mastering evasive maneuvers, utilizing lock-on features effectively, and strategic resupplying are key strategies for victory.

Are there different difficulty levels in After Burner II?

The game offers a challenging experience, with escalating difficulty across its missions.

What sets After Burner II apart from other flight simulation games?

After Burner II distinguishes itself with its high-speed, arcade-style gameplay, offering a unique and thrilling flight combat experience.