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Alex Kidd: High-Tech World combines intricate puzzle-solving, dynamic platforming, and immersive exploration, offering a unique gaming experience filled with challenges and surprises

Alex Kidd: High-Tech World is a unique gaming experience that combines elements of arcade pursuit and platformer adventure. In this adventure, Alex Kidd embarks on a quest to reach the elusive High-Tech World arcade, promising excitement and challenges at every turn.


The game unfolds in two distinct parts, each presenting its own set of challenges. The initial segment requires players to engage in puzzle-solving within a sprawling castle. Here, players must meticulously search for eight hidden pieces of a crucial map, each concealed by the mischievous Paul.

Navigating this expansive castle can account for a significant portion of gameplay, with countless interactions, clues, and items awaiting discovery. This aspect of the game is a testament to its realism, as players must exercise caution in determining whom to trust and which items are genuinely valuable. Much like in life, not every encounter leads to success, and deciphering the correct course of action can be both enigmatic and rewarding.

Embark on an adventure in High-Tech World, where every corner holds a new challenge and mystery!

Following the castle exploration, players face an action-packed platforming challenge in a forest teeming with nimble ninjas. This stage harkens back to the classic Alex Kidd style of gameplay, offering a dynamic shift in pace and tone. The forest, albeit perilous, is a manageable segment that shouldn’t extend beyond roughly ten minutes for adept players.

Subsequently, players encounter a bustling border town, constituting the final stretch of their adventure. This town introduces a fresh array of challenges, emphasizing the need for a Travel Pass to progress. Unlike the castle, the border town demands the acquisition of a single pass, albeit through various methods.

Alex Kidd High-Tech World (SMS gallery 04)

While the town’s scope is more contained, it compensates with a diverse range of locales to explore. From a lively fast food joint to a captivating book store, players are met with a colorful array of settings and characters, ensuring a varied and engaging experience.


The visual elements of Alex Kidd: High-Tech World are commendable. The environments are intricately detailed, allowing players to discern various elements. The castle, while occasionally repetitive in design, serves as a fitting backdrop to the adventure.

However, the forest scenes and the border town exhibit vibrant colors, detailed imagery, and a sense of diversity that enhances the overall experience.

Sound & Music

Regrettably, the auditory aspect of the game falls short of its other merits. The musical accompaniment, while functional, tends towards repetition and lacks the transformative impact observed in other areas of the game. Sound effects are serviceable but fail to leave a lasting impression, with only a handful of notable instances.


Navigating the castle and border town presents minimal challenges, as players predominantly employ left-right movement and utilize up-down commands to navigate stairs, ladders, and doors. The forest scenes introduce additional actions such as jumping and shooting, which are seamlessly integrated into the controls. Despite some demanding jumps, the controls remain responsive and intuitive.

Alex Kidd High-Tech World (SMS gallery 01)

Replay Value

As with many puzzle-adventure games, replay value may be limited, as familiarity with the game’s intricacies reduces the element of surprise. Nevertheless, the initial experience of unraveling the game’s mysteries and navigating its challenges can be immensely rewarding. Mastering the game can evoke a sense of accomplishment reminiscent of conquering complex problems.


Alex Kidd: High-Tech World defies conventional expectations, offering a distinctive blend of adventure and puzzle-solving. While it may deviate from preconceived notions, it possesses a unique allure and provides a gratifying challenge for those willing to immerse themselves in its intricacies. A revisit to this title is undoubtedly worthwhile.

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What is the main objective in Alex Kidd: High-Tech World?

In the game, Alex Kidd aims to reach the High-Tech World arcade by solving puzzles, finding map pieces, and navigating through intricate environments.

How does the game balance puzzle-solving and platforming elements?

The game seamlessly integrates puzzle-solving within a sprawling castle and action-packed platforming challenges in ninja-infested forests and a vibrant border town, offering players a multifaceted gaming experience.

What are the standout visual features of Alex Kidd: High-Tech World?

The game boasts intricately detailed environments, with the forest scenes and border town exhibiting vibrant colors, diverse settings, and captivating imagery.

How does the game approach sound and music?

While functional, the game’s music tends towards repetition, and sound effects, though serviceable, do not stand out as a defining feature of the gameplay experience.

What sets Alex Kidd: High-Tech World apart from conventional gaming experiences?

The game challenges players with a unique blend of adventure, puzzle-solving, and platforming elements, offering an immersive and distinctive gaming adventure that deviates from conventional gaming norms.