Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars

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Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars delivers mesmerizing platforming, surreal visuals, and addictive gameplay, offering a timeless adventure for players of all ages

Embark on an extraordinary odyssey in Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars, a captivating tale of celestial theft that has shrouded Radaxian in darkness. The fate of the kingdom rests on the brave shoulders of Alex Kidd, a diminutive hero with an insatiable appetite for adventure.


Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars unfurls as a mesmerizing platformer replete with enigmatic levels, each inhabited by curious denizens who pose formidable challenges. Traverse through these worlds while managing your vitality meter, a lifeline that dwindles as you progress. SC stars can replenish it, ensuring you remain resilient in the face of adversity.

Additionally, seize S stars for projectile shots and J stars for soaring leaps. Despite infinite lives, each loss chips away at your vitality, necessitating strategic play to avert an untimely GAME OVER.

Alex Kidd The Lost Stars (SMS gallery 04)


The visual tapestry of this game is a masterpiece, pushing the Sega Master System/Mark III hardware to its zenith. Lush, surreal landscapes explode with a kaleidoscope of vivid hues, evoking an otherworldly aesthetic that transcends conventional gaming artistry.

Embark on an epic quest, restore the stars, and save Radaxian in Alex Kidd: The Lost Star !

Marvel at the imaginative locales: Toy World, where a trumpet-playing balloon bear reigns as boss, or the World of Make-Believe, where punk rockers conjure skull projectiles. In Monster World, a voracious T-Rex awaits, poised to make you his next meal as you zip line into his maw. These visuals were undoubtedly ahead of their time, forging an indelible mark on gaming history.

Sound & Music

The auditory experience of Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars is nothing short of a symphony for the senses. Even without FM sound, the music enchants, but with FM, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into the arcade itself.

Crystal-clear sound effects punctuate every action, from the rallying cry to “Find the Miracle Ball” at the start of each level to Alex’s exuberant yells when met with adversity. The sound design attains an echelon of excellence that resonates profoundly.


The controls of this game are a testament to precision engineering. Alex’s prodigious leaps are executed with finesse, his trajectory easily modulated. Release the control pad, and he halts instantly, devoid of any unwarranted slippage. It’s an embodiment of responsive controls par excellence.

Replay Value

The allure of Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars extends beyond mere completion. Its addictive nature ensures that no matter how many times you conquer it or surpass your high score, you’ll unfailingly find yourself drawn back, eager for fresh exploits alongside the endearing crown prince of Aries.

Alex Kidd The Lost Stars (SMS gallery 03)


For those yet to acquaint themselves with this gem, it’s a voyage into the zenith of gaming. If you chance upon Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars on eBay, in a retro game store, or elsewhere, seize it with alacrity. The experience is bound to be etched in your gaming repertoire.

Play Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars online Anywhere, Anytime!

Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars awaits you on our website and is compatible with mobile devices and tablets. Relish the magic of this retro masterpiece, anytime, anywhere!

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Can I play 'Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars' on modern consoles?

Regrettably, ‘Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars’ is not available on modern consoles. However, you can relish it on our website or through compatible emulators

Are there additional levels or worlds to explore?

While the game features a set number of levels, each harboring unique challenges, there are no additional worlds. Mastery of the existing ones, however, ensures enduring enjoyment.

How can I enhance my gameplay in 'Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars'?

Prioritize the collection of SC stars to sustain your vitality meter. Strategically gather S and J stars for added advantages. Additionally, refine your control proficiency for seamless navigation.

What makes the graphics of this game exceptional?

The graphics of ‘Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars’ stand out for their vibrant palette, imaginative design, and surrealistic landscapes, showcasing the Sega Master System’s capabilities.

Is 'Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars' suitable for players of all ages?

Absolutely! The game’s engaging gameplay, charismatic protagonist, and timeless appeal make it enjoyable for players of all generations. Give it a try and experience the magic for yourself!