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Alien Breed: Tower Assault

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Alien Breed: Tower Assault - An Intense Sci-Fi Shooter with Familiar Challenges

Step into the world of Alien Breed: Tower Assault, a challenging 2D top-down shooter inspired by the iconic Alien movie franchise.

As a space marine tasked with liberating a colony from an alien infestation, you must navigate through mazes, collect supplies, and exterminate relentless xenomorphs.

Although the game offers impressive presentation and an innovative level structure, it retains the classic gameplay that fans of the series know well.

A Familiar Premise and Gameplay

The game’s backstory revolves around a remote space colony that has fallen silent. You embark on a mission to investigate the situation, rescue survivors, and eliminate hostile alien creatures. The colony consists of towers with multiple levels, interconnected by link corridors.

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Tower Assault distinguishes itself with the freedom to choose the order in which to tackle zones, providing over 50 maps and various paths through the game. The impressive presentation, with detailed towers and chilling sound effects, enhances the overall experience. Facing swarms of aliens and navigating the ever-present self-destruct sequences proved challenging and immersive.

Presentation and Graphics

Team 17’s Alien Breed series has always excelled in presentation, and Tower Assault is no exception. The towers are highly detailed, with rich environments that immerse players in the sci-fi setting. Sound effects, such as gunfire and alien movements, enhance the atmosphere and add to the tension.

Challenges and Frustrations

The game throws hordes of aliens at you, creating intense and action-packed encounters. The self-destruct sequences, a staple of the series, add urgency and panic, but can also be frustrating.

However, despite its strong points, Tower Assault lacks substantial innovation in gameplay. The game’s core mechanics mirror those of its predecessors, with players collecting key cards, scavenging credits for better weapons, and facing relentless xenomorphs. Though the game was fun and polished, I couldn’t help but wish for more significant advancements to make it truly stand out.

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Some gameplay elements, like getting caught on scenery or triggering self-destruct sequences too far from an exit, can lead to repetitive gameplay and setbacks.

Did you know that Alien Breed: Tower Assault boasts more than 276 possible ways of completing the game, thanks to its multiple exits and level structure?

Play Alien Breed: Tower Assault Online

Experience the intense action of Alien Breed: Tower Assault online and for free on our website. Battle against waves of xenomorphs and explore the eerie space colony as you work to complete your mission.

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Is Alien Breed: Tower Assault too difficult for newcomers to the series?

The game can be challenging, but with persistence and strategy, newcomers can enjoy the experience. The Retreat Mode, allowing players to shoot while moving backward, can be helpful in tight situations.

How does the level structure enhance the gameplay?

The inclusion of multiple exits in each level makes the game less linear and offers players over 276 possible ways to complete the game, providing variety and replay value.

What distinguishes Tower Assault from previous Alien Breed games?

While retaining classic gameplay elements, Tower Assault introduces the innovative level structure and the freedom to choose your path through the colony, creating a more diverse experience.

Are there any hidden secrets or surprises in the game?

Exploring the towers can lead to discovering hidden weapon caches and encountering surviving colonists. Log entries left behind by former crew members provide some narrative elements.

How does Tower Assault compare to other games in the series?

Alien Breed: Tower Assault offers a solid and entertaining experience, like its predecessors. It showcases Team 17’s trademark polish and presentation but retains the challenging and occasionally frustrating gameplay that fans have come to expect.