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Alien Breed: Classic Sci-Fi Run and Gun game!

Alien Breed, released in 1991 by Team17 for the Amiga and later in 1993 by MicroLeague for MS-DOS, marks the beginning of the iconic series.

The game draws inspiration from the Alien films, particularly Aliens, while also incorporating elements from 8-bit-era games like Laser Squad and Paradroid, as well as the Gauntlet arcade game.

Alien Breed Gameplay

In Alien Breed, players take on the role of space marines and must navigate top-down levels, eliminating menacing alien foes with their trusty guns. The primary objective is to find the lift that takes them to the next level, occasionally setting off self-destruct sequences to clear the way above.

Throughout the game, players can collect credits or purchase various weapons and enhancements from the space station’s computer terminals, known as Intex terminals. These upgrades, including a Pong clone in some versions, offer valuable advantages against the increasingly powerful alien forces encountered in advanced levels.

Players will also encounter formidable boss aliens in enclosed spaces, posing an extra challenge to overcome.

Alien-Inspired Adventure

Alien Breed’s gameplay is heavily influenced by the suspenseful and action-packed atmosphere of the Alien film series.

The game captures the essence of being a space marine facing off against hordes of relentless xenomorph invaders.

Collecting credits scattered throughout the levels becomes crucial for acquiring essential weapons and upgrades from the Intex terminals. Careful planning and allocation of resources can give players a tactical edge in their mission to exterminate the alien threat.

Challenging Encounters

As players progress through the game, they will face increasingly powerful and numerous alien adversaries. The action becomes more intense, and players must adapt their strategies to survive the challenging encounters.

Revisit the Classic

For fans of classic gaming, Alien Breed offers a nostalgic and thrilling experience. The game’s run and gun mechanics and engaging levels make it a timeless adventure worth revisiting.

Did you know that Alien Breed draws inspiration from classic sci-fi films like Aliens and incorporates elements from iconic games like Gauntlet?

Play Alien Breed Online for Free

Alien Breed is now available to play online for free in your web browser. Experience the classic sci-fi action without any installation or download hassles.

Embark on a thrilling journey to eliminate the alien menace and save the space colony. Head over to our website and start exterminating those pesky xenomorphs right away!

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What platforms was Alien Breed originally released on?

The game was initially released for the Amiga in 1991 and later for MS-DOS in 1993.

How do self-destruct sequences add to the gameplay?

Setting off self-destruct sequences can clear the way to the next level, adding an element of urgency and strategic decision-making.

Is Alien Breed a challenging game?

As players progress through the levels, the game becomes more challenging, requiring strategic planning and quick reflexes to overcome the increasing alien threats.

Can I experience the nostalgia of Alien Breed online?

Absolutely! Alien Breed is now available to play online for free, offering a convenient way to relive the classic sci-fi adventure.