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Discover Alien Legacy, a classic space strategy game designed by Joe Ybarra, the creative mind behind the classic Starflight series.

In this thrilling gaming experience, explore distant planets, enjoy a journey filled with adventure, action, and intriguing alien technologies.

A Cosmic Adventure

Inspired by the legacy of Starflight, Alien Legacy transports you to new worlds where you’ll establish colonies, conduct research, manage resources, and engage in industrial production. However, this is not your typical space strategy game.

It’s a journey with espionage, mysteries, and intergalactic conflicts that make it truly unique.

Colonization and Challenges

The game’s core involves city construction, research, and resource management, all set against the backdrop of distant star systems light-years from Earth.

As a player, your task is to build planetary cities and space stations. The path to success is not easy, advisors provide guidance, and a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) keeps track of your objectives.

The real-time progression of the game allows you to immerse yourself in the challenge, with the flexibility to adjust the game speed as needed.

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Planetary systems

The Beta Caeli system is similar to our real-life Solar System, with a barren, rocky inner planet, terrestrial planets in the habitable zone of the inner system, followed by gas giants in the outer system that first increase and then decrease in size, and a tiny rock outermost.

  • Beta Caeli (F0-type Star; Blue-White in color)
  • Alpha Asteroid Belt; analogous to the nonexistent Vulcanoids
  • Hermes (Rocky Planet); analogous to Mercury
  • Rhea (Earth-like Planet) Similar to Venus in position, but has a large Moon and is slightly larger than Earth. The presence of the large natural satellite and a quick rotation rate supposedly prevented the runaway greenhouse effect, making it Earth-like.
  • Prometheus (Natural Satellite of Rhea), analogous to Earth’s Moon
  • Gaea (Earth-like Planet); the Calypso starts the game orbiting Gaea. It has no moon.
  • Ares (Desert Planet); analogous to Mars but poor in iron
  • Beta Asteroid Belt; analogous to the Solar System’s main asteroid belt
  • Zeus (Gas Giant); analogous to Jupiter
  • Hera (Natural Satellite of Zeus); analogous to Io but larger and less volcanically active
  • Hebe (Natural Satellite of Zeus); analogous to Ganymede
  • Cronus (Gas Giant); analogous to Saturn but has no rings or moons.
  • Poseidon (Gas Giant); analogous to Uranus and Neptune
  • Thetis (Natural Satellite of Poseidon); analogous to Triton but larger
  • Hades (Minor Planet); analogous to Pluto

Time-Sensitive Decisions

Time is of the essence in Alien Legacy. Some tasks come with strict time limits, and failing to meet them can lead to a premature end of the game.

For example, early in the game, the failure to establish a self-sufficient colony on Gaea results in the science advisor taking control.

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Set after the UNS Calypso’s arrival in the Beta Caeli star system, you assume the role of the ship’s captain.

The mission is clear: colonize the system to ensure humanity’s survival in the face of interstellar threats. However, things take a twist when the UNS Tantalus, equipped with a superior engine, arrives first, and the mysteries begin to unravel.

Planetary Systems

The Beta Caeli star system mirrors our Solar System, featuring rocky inner planets, habitable terrestrial planets, gas giants, and a myriad of natural satellites and moons.

The detailed planetary system adds depth to the gaming experience.

Discovering New Life Forms

The game introduces various alien races, adding complexity to the narrative:

  • The H’riak, a xenophobic race that seems to have seeded planets with life.
  • The Empiants, who dwell in the gas giant Cronus and have a history of conflict with the H’riak.

Conclusion: A Cosmic Odyssey Awaits

Alien Legacy offers a unique combination of strategy, adventure, and cosmic exploration. With a compelling storyline and intricate gameplay, it’s a hidden gem in the world of space strategy games.

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Play Alien Legacy Online

Experience the wonders of Alien Legacy on multiple platforms, whether on your computer, mobile device, or tablet. Play Alien Legacy online, in a web browser!

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What kind of time-sensitive challenges can I expect in the game?

Certain tasks must be completed within set time limits, or the game will come to an end. For example, establishing a self-sufficient colony on Gaea is crucial early in the game.

Are there different ways to win the game?

While there may be optimal solutions, Alien Legacy offers multiple paths to success, giving players the freedom to find their unique approach.

Tell me more about the alien races in the game.

The H’riak are mysterious and xenophobic, while the Empiants, resembling purple squids, inhabit the gas giant Cronus and have a complex history with the H’riak.

How does the real-time progression in Alien Legacy work?

The game is in real-time, and players can adjust the game speed to their preference, allowing for a more immersive gaming experience.