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Alien Storm offers a dynamic blend of futuristic action, diverse characters, and engaging missions in a classic arcade setting

Released in 1990, Alien Storm is a hidden gem in Sega‘s arcade lineup, often overshadowed by more prominent titles like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage.

This action-packed adventure combines futuristic settings with intense combat, offering a unique gameplay experience that sets it apart from its contemporaries.

The Underrated Classic

In the realm of arcade classics, Alien Storm remains an unsung hero. Unlike its more famous counterparts, this title didn’t receive the same level of recognition, which is a shame considering its engaging gameplay and captivating storyline.

Set in a future where Earth is under siege by extraterrestrial forces, a small band of soldiers is tasked with defending their home planet from this intergalactic threat.

Alien Storm ( genesis gallery 04)

Gameplay Dynamics

At its core, Alien Storm shares similarities with the acclaimed “Golden Axe.” However, it introduces a futuristic twist, blending 2-D platforming with first-person shooting elements. This combination creates a dynamic and immersive experience, distinguishing it from other games of its era.

Blast away the alien menace in this Sega classic, offering a unique blend of action and futuristic adventure!

Players can choose from three different modes: Arcade, 2-player, and Duel. The Arcade mode immerses players in the main narrative, guiding them through alien-infested urban landscapes.

The 2-player mode encourages cooperative play, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Lastly, the Duel mode introduces a mini-fighting game, allowing players to engage in thrilling one-on-one combat.

The Trio of Heroes

Alien Storm offers players three distinct characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. The first is a flame-wielding female character, providing a balanced blend of speed and power.

Next is a muscular male character armed with a powerful electric pulse cannon, offering unmatched firepower. Finally, there’s the robot character, which introduces a more complex style of gameplay with an electric whip and rocket attacks.

Mission Variety

The game’s missions are diverse, incorporating three distinct types of levels. The basic side-scrolling levels require players to eliminate all aliens, providing a classic arcade experience.

Alien Storm ( genesis gallery 03)

First-person shooting segments, set in locales like supermarkets, challenge players’ reflexes and add a refreshing twist to the gameplay. Running stages introduce an element of urgency, propelling characters forward, engaging in battles, and confronting formidable bosses.

Exploring the Arcade Classic

While Alien Storm may not have achieved the same level of recognition as some of Sega’s more iconic titles, it undoubtedly offers an enjoyable and engaging experience for Sega enthusiasts.

Whether played solo or in cooperative mode, the game provides a unique blend of action and futuristic adventure. The controls are responsive, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.


In conclusion, Alien Storm stands as a testament to Sega’s ability to craft engaging and immersive arcade experiences. While it may not have garnered the same level of fame as some of its peers, it remains a hidden gem for dedicated Sega fans.

For those seeking a quick, arcade-style thrill, Alien Storm is a must-play. However, players in search of a more comprehensive gameplay journey may find titles like Golden Axe or Streets of Rage to be more substantial options.

Alien Storm is best suited for dedicated Sega aficionados and players seeking a nostalgic, action-packed adventure.

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Are there any sequels to Alien Storm?

No, surprisingly, “Alien Storm” did not spawn any sequels or follow-up titles.

How many characters are available in the game?

Players can choose from three characters, each with distinct weapons and abilities.

What are the different types of levels in Alien Storm?

The game features basic side-scrolling levels, first-person shooting segments, and running stages, each offering a different gameplay experience.

Can the game be played in multiplayer mode?

Yes, Alien Storm offers a 2-player mode, allowing cooperative play for added excitement.

Is Alien Storm considered a classic in Sega's lineup?

While not achieving the status of some of Sega’s more renowned titles, “Alien Storm” remains a nostalgic gem for dedicated Sega fans.