Altered Beast

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Altered Beast is a classic side-scrolling action game that immerses players in a supernatural world of transformation and combat.

Altered Beast, initially released in arcades in 1988, is a side-scrolling action game that has captivated gamers for decades.

Developed by Sega, the game takes players on a thrilling journey through mythical realms, where they assume the role of a resurrected warrior tasked with saving the kidnapped daughter of Zeus.

Storyline and Gameplay

Rise from the Grave

The game begins with a powerful cinematic as the protagonist rises from his grave under the command of Zeus.

The warrior’s mission is to rescue Athena, the daughter of Zeus, from the clutches of the wicked god of the underworld, Neff.

Shape-Shifting Hero

As players progress through the game, they collect spirit orbs that enhance their strength and grant them the ability to transform into different beasts with unique powers.

These transformations, such as the werewolf, dragon, and bear, add an engaging layer to the gameplay, allowing players to adapt to various challenges.

Graphics and Sound

Visually Striking

Altered Beast boasts impressive visuals for its time, featuring detailed character sprites and vibrant environments.

The transformations are especially noteworthy, showcasing intricate designs that bring the mythical creatures to life.

Eerie Soundtrack

The game’s eerie and atmospheric soundtrack enhances the overall experience, immersing players in the supernatural world and adding to the sense of adventure and danger.

Reception and Legacy

Arcade Success

Upon its release, Altered Beast gained popularity in arcades for its unique gameplay mechanics and captivating story.

Its success led to numerous ports to home consoles and computers.

Nostalgic Niche

The game has left a lasting impact on gaming culture, becoming a nostalgic favorite among gamers who fondly remember its challenging gameplay and iconic catchphrases.


In summary, Altered Beast remains a classic title that stands the test of time, offering players a captivating adventure through ancient mythologies and supernatural battles.

With its innovative shape-shifting gameplay, impressive visuals, and memorable soundtrack, the game continues to leave a mark on the gaming community.

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What is the objective of Altered Beast?

Players must rescue Athena, daughter of Zeus, from the clutches of the god of the underworld by defeating hordes of supernatural enemies.

How does the shape-shifting mechanic work in the game?

Collecting spirit orbs enables players to transform into different creatures, each with unique abilities, enhancing their combat capabilities.

What makes Altered Beast memorable among gamers?

The game’s unique premise, shape-shifting gameplay, and memorable catchphrases contribute to its enduring popularity.

What platforms is Altered Beast available on?

The game was originally released in arcades and later ported to various home consoles and computer systems.

Why is Altered Beast considered a classic in gaming?

The game’s blend of mythology, action-packed gameplay, and supernatural elements have secured its status as a beloved classic in the gaming community.