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Atari Anniversary Advance delivers a joyful blast from the past, offering a nostalgic collection of classic games for endless retro fun on the go

Embark on a nostalgic journey with Atari Anniversary Advance, a compilation of classic games bringing the retro charm of titles like Asteroids, Super Breakout, and Missile Command to the Game Boy Advance. Despite its seemingly promising retro experience, the collection is marred by a significant flaw, detracting from what could have been a stellar showcase of vintage gaming.

Asteroids: Intergalactic Debris Mayhem

Let’s delve into the classics that define this compilation. Asteroids places players in the midst of an asteroid storm, tasking them with obliterating space debris using a simple single-shot weapon.

The mission is clear: survive the onslaught and rack up as many points as possible before meeting an inevitable demise. What adds a unique twist is the unpredictable nature of moving within the vastness of space, which can lead to uncontrollable momentum surges, adding an extra layer of challenge.

Super Breakout: Paddle-Powered Block Breaker

Super Breakout takes simplicity to another level. Players control a horizontally moving paddle at the base of the screen, deflecting a cube-shaped ball to destroy blocks positioned above. The classic formula of bouncing a ball to break blocks proves addictive, with an inherent simplicity that encourages a “one-more-go” mentality. The sole purpose is to accumulate the highest score before allowing three balls to slip off the bottom of the screen.

Atari Anniversary Advance (GBA gallery 04)

Missile Command: Defend Your Cityscape

Missile Command tugs at the heartstrings of those who recall its iconic arcade cabinet. The game thrusts players into a city under siege from unidentified missiles. The objective: counteract the assault by unleashing an explosive barrage in response. However, the challenge lies in the limited stock of missiles, requiring strategic deployment to defend against relentless attacks. The delicate balance of offense and defense adds depth to the pursuit of achieving high scores.

Additional Classics

The compilation extends beyond the aforementioned gems, featuring other classics like Tempest, Centipede, and Battlezone. Each title offers a distinctive gaming experience, presenting unique challenges and contributing to the overarching goal of achieving high scores.

The Unfortunate Flaw: High Scores Amnesia

Amidst the celebration of retro gaming, Atari Anniversary Advance stumbles on a fundamental aspect—its failure to save high scores. In the era of classic arcade games, the pursuit of high scores was not merely a personal achievement but a communal competition. Players would challenge friends and rivals to outdo their best performances, fostering an enduring engagement with the games.

Relive the Golden Era of Gaming with Atari’s Classic Collection!

Missed Opportunities: Lack of Long-Term Engagement

The absence of high-score saving diminishes the potential for long-term engagement. What could have been hours spent meticulously honing skills and attempting to surpass personal bests devolves into disconnected playthroughs. The collection falls short of providing the lasting appeal that retro gaming enthusiasts crave.

Atari Anniversary Advance (GBA gallery 01)


In conclusion, Atari Anniversary Advance, with its impressive lineup of classic titles, succumbs to a critical oversight—the lack of high-score saving. While the nostalgic gameplay remains intact, the absence of a feature integral to the retro gaming experience hampers what could have been a stellar collection. Retro gaming enthusiasts may find moments of joy, but the potential for enduring engagement remains unfulfilled.

Play Atari Anniversary Advance Online Anywhere, Anytime!

Despite its flaw, Atari Anniversary Advance offers the convenience of portability. Play the classic games not only on your Game Boy Advance but also on mobile devices and tablets. This ensures accessibility anytime, anywhere, catering to the modern gamer’s dynamic lifestyle.

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Can I save my high scores in Atari Anniversary Advance?

Unfortunately, the game does not provide the capability to save high scores.

What classic games are included in Atari Anniversary Advance?

The collection features iconic titles such as Asteroids, Super Breakout, Missile Command, Tempest, Centipede, and Battlezone.

Is the lack of high-score saving a widespread issue among retro game collections?

While some collections address this feature, Atari Anniversary Advance falls short, missing an opportunity for long-term player engagement.

Can I play Atari Anniversary Advance on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes, the game offers compatibility with mobile devices and tablets, allowing you to enjoy classic gaming on various platforms.

Are there any plans for updates or patches to address the high-score saving issue?

As of now, there is no official information regarding updates or patches to remedy the lack of high-score saving in Atari Anniversary Advance.