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B.O.B. exudes a unique charm with its quirky design, though it falls short due to some repetitive elements and control quirks, ultimately delivering a decent platforming experience

Released by EA in 1993, B.O.B. had the makings of a standout platformer, but it fell short of its promise due to a series of fundamental flaws. While the titular character, B.O.B., exudes confidence with his robotic charm, the game’s repetitive gameplay and control issues ultimately undermine its potential for greatness.

A Quirky Protagonist

B.O.B., a cross between C-3PO and a cockroach, boasts a distinctive design that, at first glance, hints at an engaging gaming experience. His bug-eyed, almost cartoonish appearance, complete with a gun for a hand, exudes attitude and fearlessness. However, beyond his charming exterior lies a game that struggles to deliver on its initial promise.

Gameplay: Basic Mechanics, Missed Opportunities

At its core, this game offers platforming gameplay with a gun. While this premise holds potential, the execution leaves much to be desired. The controls, for instance, prove to be finicky, with jumping lacking the precision necessary for smooth gameplay.

Collision detection is another issue, often resulting in frustrating encounters with enemies. B.O.B.’s shooting mechanics are notably basic, limiting players to firing in left, right, or up directions, without the versatility seen in other action-packed games.

B.O.B. (genesis gallery 04)

Furthermore, the game’s level design introduces an unfortunate element of repetition. Set across various asteroids, players navigate through identical environments, leading to a monotonous gameplay loop. Despite occasional changes in scenery, the overall experience feels stagnant, failing to provide the variety needed to engage players effectively.

Control Quirks and Sensitivity Woes

The control scheme further exacerbates the gameplay experience. B.O.B.’s movement lacks fluidity, especially when changing direction mid-action. This limitation proves frustrating, as players often find themselves vulnerable to enemy attacks due to control delays.

Jumping, a crucial mechanic, suffers from unexpected sensitivity, resulting in imprecise movements and potential hazards.

Visuals and Sound: Functional but Unremarkable

Visually, this game maintains a functional yet unimpressive aesthetic. While B.O.B.’s character design exudes charm and personality, the game’s backgrounds and in-game elements lack depth and fail to create an immersive atmosphere.

Similarly, the music, though serving its purpose, neither captivates nor irritates, serving as mere background accompaniment.

Navigate through asteroids and face off against robotic foes in this platformer, but be prepared for repetitiveness and control challenges.

B.O.B. (genesis gallery 02)

A Missed Opportunity

The game stands as a testament to missed potential. While the character design and weaponry showcase moments of creativity, the game ultimately falls short in delivering a truly compelling gameplay experience.

Its shortcomings, including repetitive level design and control issues, hinder its ability to stand out in a competitive market filled with more engaging titles.


B.O.B. falls victim to its own shortcomings, with repetitive gameplay, control issues, and a lack of originality hindering its potential. In a market filled with more impressive titles, this game struggles to stand out, making it a less-than-ideal choice for avid gamers.

Play B.O.B. Online Anytime, Anywhere

Experience B.O.B. on our website, compatible with desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. Immerse yourself in this platformer and navigate through asteroids as you face off against robotic foes.

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Can I play B.O.B. on my mobile phone?

Yes, on our website you can enjoy B.O.B. on your mobile device.

Are there different weapons in this game.?

Yes, you can collect various weapons, each adding a unique element to your arsenal.

How many levels are there in B.O.B.?

This game features a dozen or so levels per asteroid, offering a variety of challenges.

What sets B.O.B. apart from other platformers?

While B.O.B. boasts a unique character design and arsenal, it falls short in terms of gameplay depth and innovation.

Is B.O.B. available on other platforms?

Yes, this game is available on the Genesis and SNES platform.