Back to the Future Part III

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Back to the Future Part III on Sega genesis blends Wild West and futuristic elements, offering varied challenges and faithful adaptation of the film

Back to the Future Part III takes players on a thrilling time-traveling adventure, seamlessly blending the charm of the Wild West with futuristic elements. Developed in 1991 by Probe Software, this retro game invites players to join Marty McFly and Doc Brown in a quest through time.

Graphics: A Step Down from Genesis

The graphical presentation of Back to the Future Part III on the Master System is a noticeable downgrade from its Genesis counterpart. While the sprites maintain a decent level of detail, there are peculiarities.

Notably, the horse’s upper body is placed in the background layer rather than the sprite layer, leading to a visual discrepancy. Additionally, some animations, such as Doc Brown’s fall, suffer from abrupt cuts. The cutscene graphics, interjected between levels, exhibit an unpolished and peculiar aesthetic.

Sound: A Pleasant Surprise

The auditory experience of the game offers an unexpected delight. Matt Furniss, responsible for the composition, leverages the soundchip to deliver an engaging musical backdrop.

The theme song, in particular, receives superior treatment compared to its rendition in the Part II SMS game. The audio elements enhance the overall immersive quality of the game.

Back to the Future Part III (genesis gallery 03)

Gameplay: Challenges and Triumphs

Navigating through the game presents its fair share of challenges. The initial stage, set in the Wild West, poses a formidable obstacle, although it proves slightly more manageable than its Genesis counterpart.

However, the segment involving dish-throwing introduces a control scheme with awkward angles, making precision difficult. The enemy bullets, resembling mere dots on the screen, add an extra layer of complexity. Yet, a saving grace lies in the ability to replenish plates indefinitely if supplies run dry.

The final stage intensifies the gameplay, requiring players to traverse moving train cars, vanquishing adversaries, and locating essential fuel sources to power the iconic DeLorean.

Interestingly, the Genesis version’s shooting gallery is conspicuously absent in this iteration, raising questions about the rationale behind its omission. Despite this, the absence of the level contributes to a more streamlined gameplay experience.

Story: A Familiar Tale Unfolds

For those unfamiliar with the cinematic source material, Back to the Future Part III successfully encapsulates the essence of the movie’s narrative. Players embark on a journey rife with time-traveling escapades, encountering familiar characters and locales.

Overall: Navigating the Peaks and Valleys

Back to the Future Part III for the Master System presents a mixed bag of experiences. While it manages to sidestep certain pitfalls of its Genesis counterpart, it encounters new challenges along the way.

The game’s assortment of mini-games, though entertaining, occasionally lacks depth and thoughtful design. One cannot help but wonder how the incorporation of the final level’s cowboy showdown mechanic might have elevated the overall experience.

Saddle up for a time-traveling adventure that seamlessly merges the allure of the Wild West with futuristic flair!

Back to the Future Part III (genesis gallery 02)


Back to the Future Part III offers players a unique opportunity to traverse the annals of time, combining challenges with moments of sheer delight. Embrace the adventure, and embark on a journey that transcends eras!

Play Back to the Future Part III Online Anywhere, Anytime!

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Is prior knowledge of the movie essential to enjoy the game?

While familiarity with the movie enhances the experience, it’s not a prerequisite. The game’s narrative stands on its own.

How does the game compare to its Genesis counterpart?

This version addresses some issues but introduces new challenges. It’s a mixed bag, each with its merits and drawbacks.

Are there significant differences between the stages?

Absolutely. Each stage presents distinct challenges, from timing on the bridge to precision in the dish-throwing segment.

Does the game capture the essence of the Wild West?

Yes, especially in the final stage where you step into Marty’s cowboy boots, facing off against gunslingers.

Can I play this game on various platforms?

Certainly! “Back to the Future Part III” is available for web, mobile, and tablet, ensuring you can enjoy the adventure anywhere, anytime.