Ballz 3D: Fighting at its Ballziest

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Ballz 3D offers a uniquely challenging multiplayer experience with distinctive spherical characters, ensuring an entertaining journey into the realm of unconventional fighting games

In the vast realm of gaming, there occasionally emerges a title so profoundly flawed that it transcends the category of mere bad games. Ballz 3D stands as a testament to this unfortunate phenomenon, plunging players into an abyss of subpar graphics, abysmal music, questionable controls, and lackluster gameplay. Let’s delve into the disheartening journey that is Ballz 3D.


The visual landscape of Ballz 3D is marred by low framerates, choppy animations, and character designs that seem hastily crafted. Each fighter, composed of nondescript spheres, lacks facial expressions, leaving players disconnected from any emotional engagement.


The auditory experience proves equally dismal, with repetitive and uninspiring melodies that fail to distinguish themselves across different characters. The opening theme, featuring peculiar vocalizations, adds an uncomfortable layer to an already lackluster soundtrack.

Control Conundrum

The control scheme of Ballz 3D violates fundamental principles of fighting games. Characters move at an unbearably slow pace, and the decision to assign both action buttons for jumping constrains the available options for attacking. The result is a frustrating combination of sluggish movement and simplistic, unengaging combat maneuvers.

Ballz 3D Fighting at its Ballziest (SNES Gallery 04)

Gameplay Purgatory

Lack of Depth

Ballz 3D plunges players into a repetitive cycle of selecting poorly designed characters and engaging in uninspired battles. The absence of a compelling backstory further diminishes the already tedious gameplay experience.

Health Bar Quandary

The unconventional choice of representing health bars as fragmented balls complicates the player’s ability to gauge their status at a glance. This design flaw forces players to interrupt the flow of gameplay to perform unnecessary mental calculations.

Endless Loop

Unbelievably, Ballz 3D offers unlimited continues without requiring any player input. The game’s programming oversight transforms the experience into an interminable loop, resembling more of a beta version than a polished release.

Multiplayer Malaise

Attempting a 2-player mode in Ballz 3D is likely to leave participants exasperated after a single bout. Even if players endure a match, the poorly executed replay mode provides no indication of its commencement, leaving users perplexed.


In the realm of games, where innovation and quality often define success, Ballz 3D stands as a cautionary tale. With its lackluster graphics, abominable sound design, unresponsive controls, and uninspired gameplay, it exemplifies how a title can fail to meet even the most basic expectations. In a world brimming with exceptional gaming experiences, Ballz 3D remains a regrettable outlier, offering little more than a masterclass in how not to develop a game.

Embark on a journey of disappointment – Ballz 3D: Where Innovation Hits Rock Bottom!

Ballz 3D Fighting at its Ballziest (SNES Gallery 02)

Playing Ballz 3D: Fighting at its Ballziest Online Across Platforms

For those brave enough to explore the depths of Ballz 3D, the game is accessible not only on the SNES but also on web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. Whether you choose to subject yourself to this experience on a nostalgic console or a modern device, the profound flaws of Ballz 3D remain an unfortunate constant.

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Is Ballz 3D playable on modern devices?

Yes, this game can be experienced on web browsers, mobile phones, and tablets, offering a consistent dose of disappointment across various platforms.

What makes this game stand out in terms of graphics?

Ballz 3D features low framerates, choppy animations, and character designs that consist of indistinct spheres, contributing to an overall lackluster visual presentation.

How does the soundtrack of this game fare?

The music in this game is characterized by uninteresting melodies that repeat incessantly, lacking the distinctiveness associated with individual characters. The opening theme adds an awkward and uncomfortable element to the auditory experience.

Are there any redeeming qualities to Ballz 3D's gameplay?

Unfortunately, the game falls short in terms of gameplay, offering a repetitive cycle of battles with poorly designed characters and a lack of depth in storytelling.

Can this game be enjoyed in multiplayer mode?

Attempting a 2-player mode in this game is likely to result in frustration after a single match. The poorly executed replay mode further diminishes the multiplayer experience.