Batman Forever

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Batman Forever combines action-packed combat, iconic gadgets, superhero thrills, and a quirky take on Gotham's Dark Knight in an engaging 16-bit adventure

Dive into the world of Gotham with Batman Forever on SNES – a unique blend of beat-em-up action and adventure, with a touch of the absurd and unexpected.


Batman Forever is a game that attempts to encapsulate the Batman universe into a 16-bit experience. At first glance, the game impresses with its promise of an authentic Batman adventure, bolstered by a catchy marketing campaign. Despite some deviations from the movie, it offers a decent beat-em-up gameplay experience, although it may not fully live up to the expectations set by its flashy advertisements.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Batman Forever, players can choose to play as Batman or Robin, each with unique gadgets and abilities, navigating through levels inspired by the movie scenes. However, the game takes liberties with the story, focusing more on gameplay than narrative accuracy.

Action and Pacing

The game’s pace is relatively slow, with a maximum of two enemies on screen and noticeable loading times between rooms. Despite these limitations, Batman Forever maintains a consistent, albeit slow, action flow.

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Gadgets and Combat

Players can select two gadgets before each level, adding a strategic element to the gameplay. However, the utility of these gadgets varies, with some being less effective than others. The grappling hook is a notable addition, allowing access to secret rooms and adding a layer of exploration.

Fighting System and Graphics

Batman Forever borrows elements from the Mortal Kombat series, particularly in its fighting system. This choice creates a unique but somewhat mismatched combat experience for a Batman game, often leading players to rely on basic attacks like roundhouse kicks and uppercuts.

Character Representations

The game’s portrayal of Batman and Robin is a mix of realism and cartoonish style. Batman’s gear is high-tech and practical, while Robin’s outfit seems less suitable for crime-fighting. This contrast adds a unique visual element to the game.

Special Features and Modes

Training Mode and Character Powers

The training mode functions like a fighting game, allowing players to control holographic versions of characters. This mode is akin to Mortal Kombat but without a narrative, offering a variety of cartoonish characters to choose from.

Enemy Abilities and Design Choices

Enemies in Batman Forever are given exaggerated powers, sometimes bordering on the ridiculous. This design choice adds an element of humor and absurdity to the game, making it distinct from more realistic interpretations of the Batman universe.


Batman Forever on SNES is an intriguing mix of beat-em-up gameplay, Mortal Kombat-style combat, and cartoonish elements. While it may not perfectly capture the essence of Batman, it offers an enjoyable experience with moments of genuine Batman-like action. The game’s unique take on the superhero genre makes it worth exploring for fans and gamers alike.

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Play  Batman Forever Online Anywhere

You can enjoy Batman Forever on SNES, and it’s also available to play on web, mobile, and tablet platforms, offering versatile gaming experiences.

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Is Batman Forever on SNES faithful to the movie?

While the game draws inspiration from the movie, it takes creative liberties, focusing more on gameplay than strict narrative accuracy.

How does the combat system in Batman Forever work?

The game features a combat system similar to Mortal Kombat, with basic attacks like roundhouse kicks and uppercuts being prevalent.

Can I play as both Batman and Robin in Batman Forever ?

Yes, players have the option to choose between Batman and Robin, each with their unique gadgets and abilities.

What makes Batman Forever unique compared to other Batman games?

Its blend of beat-em-up action, Mortal Kombat-style fighting, and exaggerated enemy powers offers a unique and somewhat humorous take on the Batman universe.

Are there any special modes in Batman Forever ?

Yes, the game includes a training mode where players can control holographic versions of characters and fight against other holographic opponents.