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Battle Blaze is a nostalgic, straightforward SNES fighting game with unique characters, simple controls, and a short but engaging storyline for a quick, enjoyable playthrough

Embark on a journey of vengeance in Battle Blaze, a fighting game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This title, though brief, delivers a unique gaming experience set in the mystical land of Virg.

Premise and Setting

As the protagonist Kerrel Manan, players seek revenge against the Dark Lord Autarch, who has slain Kerrel’s father. The quest leads you through battles against four demonized contenders, each vying for the throne of Virg.

Gameplay Mechanics

Battle Blaze offers two distinct modes: ‘The Hero’ and ‘The Battle’. ‘The Hero’ mode follows the story of Kerrel’s quest for vengeance, while The Battle mode allows players to choose any contender for quick fights, including an additional character, Lang.

Gameplay Experience

Despite its brevity, Battle Blaze provides an engaging experience for players, especially those fond of the fighting genre on the SNES platform.

Duration and Difficulty

Completing ‘The Hero’ mode takes approximately twenty minutes. ‘The Battle’ mode, playable solo or with a friend, extends the gameplay but overall, the game can be completed in under forty-five minutes.

Battle Blaze (SNES gallery 08)

Controls and Combat

Standard fighting game controls are present, with jump attacks, low attacks, and a powerful attack triggered by the “Y” button. Players can quickly master these controls to efficiently progress through the game.

Character Roster

The character list includes three main fighters: an ogre, a reptilian character named Shnouzer, and a female warrior with knives. Each character brings a distinct fighting style to the game.

Graphics and Sound

Battle Blaze features adequate graphics and sound design, contributing to the game’s overall atmosphere.


The graphics are decent, with varied but somewhat bland backgrounds. The fighters, engaged in swordplay and other combat, do not exhibit bloodshed.


While the game doesn’t boast an extensive musical score, the sound effects and limited tracks adequately complement the gameplay.

Replay Value and Final Thoughts

Battle Blaze may not offer extensive replay value due to its ease and length, but it stands as a decent choice for fans of simpler, more straightforward fighting games on the SNES.

Overall Rating

Battle Blaze: A Short but Sweet Journey Through the Land of Virg

Final Recommendation: 5/10. While “Battle Blaze” may not be a must-have for collectors or a standout in the fighting genre, it offers a nostalgic trip and a decent experience for those who appreciate easier fighting games.

Battle Blaze (SNES gallery 02)


In summary, Battle Blaze is a concise and straightforward fighting game on the SNES. While it might not challenge seasoned gamers, its nostalgic charm and simple mechanics make it a worthwhile experience for enthusiasts of the genre.

Play Battle Blaze Online Anywhere, Anytime!

Battle Blaze can be played on various platforms, including the SNES, and is accessible on some websites, as well as mobile and tablet devices, ensuring a versatile gaming experience.

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What is the main premise of Battle Blaze?

The game revolves around Kerrel Manan’s quest for revenge against the Dark Lord Autarch in the land of Virg.

How long does it take to complete Battle Blaze?

The game can be completed in under forty-five minutes, with The Hero mode taking about twenty minutes.

What kind of gameplay does Battle Blaze offer?

It’s a fighting game with two modes: a story-driven ‘The Hero’ mode and a versus The Battle mode.

What are the graphics and sound like in Battle Blaze?

The game features decent graphics with somewhat bland backgrounds and adequate sound effects and music.

Is this game recommended for fighting game enthusiasts?

While not particularly challenging, it offers a nostalgic and straightforward experience for fans of simpler fighting games on the SNES.