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Battle Cars delivers an exhilarating blend of high-speed racing and combat on futuristic tracks, with vehicle upgrades, multiplayer modes, and diverse planetary challenges

Dive into the world of Battle Cars, a Mode 7 futuristic racing game on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Although not as well-known as some SNES classics, this game offers a unique blend of racing and combat, sure to delight fans of the genre.

The Essence of Battle Cars

Inspiration and Gameplay

Battle Cars is a futuristic combat racing game, drawing clear inspiration from the SNES classic “F-Zero.” However, it stands out as its own entity, not merely a clone. Offering a mix of racing and vehicular combat, the game presents a challenging and engaging experience. It’s a mode 7 game, showcasing graphical techniques that give the game its distinctive look and feel.

Game Modes and Options

The game is somewhat limited in terms of modes, offering 1 player, 2 player, and 2 player versus options, along with a basic settings menu. Notably, there’s no saving or password system, requiring players to commit to lengthy gaming sessions. The co-op campaign mode is a highlight, allowing for collaborative play, and the two-player mode supports both fullscreen and split-screen displays.

Race, Battle, Conquer – Master the Future in Battle Cars.

Battle Cars (SNES gallery 06)

Game Mechanics and Controls

Detailed Gameplay Mechanics

In Battle Cars, players must navigate through various tracks, dealing with enemies and obstacles. The on-screen display provides crucial information like armor level, speed, and distance to the goal. Managing your shields is vital, as damage can lead to a temporary loss of turbo, severely impacting your speed.

Control Scheme

The game’s controls are straightforward yet effective. The d-pad steers, A accelerates, X brakes, and B fires weapons. Y switches weapons, and L and R are used for sharp turns. The control scheme does require some adaptation, particularly when switching weapons while maintaining speed.

Weapons and Upgrades

Armed for Battle

Players have access to three primary weapons: the Disc, Homing Missile, and Grenade. Each weapon has its advantages and strategic uses, though none can target enemies behind you. Interestingly, the AI opponents use mines, a feature not available to the player.

Vehicle Customization

As you progress, you can upgrade your car in several areas, including engine, turbo, armor, and tires. Balancing these upgrades is crucial for success, especially in later races. The upgrade system uses two types of currencies: money for car upgrades and credits for weapon enhancements.

Challenges and Races

Cross-Country and Boss Races

The game’s structure involves progressing through different planets and locations, each with a cross-country race followed by a boss battle. The cross-country races are time-based, encouraging players to destroy as many cars as possible for upgrades. Boss races, on the other hand, are intense duels against tough opponents, where slowing them down is key to victory.

Difficulty and Progression

Battle Cars features varying difficulty levels, impacting the game’s length and the challenges faced. The higher the difficulty, the more challenging the races and the better the ending. The lack of a save feature adds to the game’s challenge, requiring players to complete it in one sitting.


Battle Cars on the SNES is a unique and engaging game that combines racing and combat in a futuristic setting. While it has its flaws, such as a lack of saving and some control quirks, its cooperative campaign, challenging gameplay, and vehicle customization make it a title worth exploring for fans of the genre.

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Play Battle Cars Online Anywhere, Anytime!

Battle Cars can be enjoyed on the SNES, and is also playable on various platforms including mobile devices and tablets, bringing this classic racing experience to a wide audience.

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Is Battle Cars similar to F-Zero?

Yes and no. While Battle Cars is inspired by F-Zero, it introduces a unique combat racing element and vehicle upgrade possibilities, setting it apart.

Does Battle Cars have a save feature?

No, the game does not have a save function or a password system, so players need to complete the game in one sitting.

What game modes are available in Battle Cars?

The game offers single-player, two-player, and head-to-head battle modes, along with basic options settings.

What are the controls in Battle Cars?

Controls are relatively straightforward: the D-pad steers, A is for acceleration, X for braking, and B for firing weapons. Other buttons are used for weapon switching and sharp turns.

Are there upgrades in Battle Cars?

Yes, players can upgrade their vehicle in several areas, including the engine, turbo, armor, and tires. Balancing these upgrades is key for success in later races.