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BattleMaster offers a unique blend of action-packed RPG gameplay, featuring strategic troop management, multiple races and classes, and challenging, immersive battles

BattleMaster, a little-known action RPG for Sega Genesis, emerges from the shadows of Arena, a developer with a mixed track record. But does this game break the mold and demand your attention?

Graphics: A Humble Beginning with Room for Improvement

In terms of visuals, even for an early Genesis title, BattleMaster leaves something to be desired. The characters appear rather diminutive and lack the detail that could make them more distinguishable.

Backgrounds, while serviceable, don’t exude the vibrancy one might expect. Yet, it’s worth noting that the introduction and death cinematics are surprisingly well-executed, offering a glimpse of the potential that could have been further explored. The map screen strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality, marginally outclassing titles like Super Hydlide.

Music: A Sonic Triumph That Steals the Show

Where BattleMaster truly shines is in its musical score. Though not extensive in its variety, the pulsating electronic soundtrack manages to impress. The sound effects, notably the satisfying clash of swords in melee combat, enhance the gameplay experience.

Gameplay: Striking a Balance Between Depth and Accessibility

The standout feature of BattleMaster lies in its unexpectedly intricate gameplay mechanics. Players commence their journey by selecting both race and class, shaping their character’s capabilities, troop count, and initial HP.

What sets BattleMaster apart is the inclusion of a group of up to 14 troops that accompany you. This introduces a unique twist to the action RPG genre. Combat mechanics remain straightforward, allowing for both melee and ranged attacks.

While the control of troops isn’t flawless, it adds a layer of strategy. Players have the option to choose from various formations for their troops, and the ability to rally them if they begin to stray.

Battlemaster (genesis gallery 04)

Length and Challenge: A Test of Endurance and Skill

BattleMaster doesn’t hold back in terms of difficulty. With seven expansive locations to conquer, the game offers hours of gameplay. The availability of multiple routes, races, and classes adds a significant layer of replayability.

However, the saving mechanism, reliant on an unwieldy password system, leaves much to be desired.

Overall Verdict: Uncovering a Hidden Gem

Scoring an 8, BattleMaster’s challenge may prove to be a deterrent for some players. Nevertheless, it stands as an ambitious title for its time, offering a unique take on party control mechanics. The tagline “Fight your own battles” provides a glimpse into the innovative gameplay that would go on to influence later series like Star Ocean and Tales.

Embark on an epic journey with BattleMaster, where commanding a formidable party sets the stage for thrilling action.

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Play BattleMaster Online Anytime, Anywhere

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What is BattleMaster?

Battle Master is an action RPG game developed by Arena for the Sega Genesis console. It offers a unique blend of action-packed gameplay and strategic troop management.

When was BattleMaster released?

BattleMaster was released in 1991, making it one of the earlier titles for the Sega Genesis.

What sets BattleMaster apart from other RPGs of its time?

Battle Master distinguishes itself with its inclusion of a troop system, allowing players to command a group of up to 14 soldiers alongside their main character.

How many races and classes can you choose from in BattleMaster?

In Battle Master, players can select from four races (such as Human, Orc, etc.) and various character classes (like Thief, Wizard, etc.), each influencing starting stats and troop count.

What is the objective of the game?

The primary objective is to navigate through seven distinct locations within the game, battling enemies, collecting items, and ultimately defeating the antagonist, the Penguin.