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Beast Wrestler delivers a unique wrestling experience with genetically-engineered creatures, offering engaging gameplay and strategic depth for fans of the genre

Beast Wrestler, released in 1991 by Renovation, emerged in an era when wrestling games were scarce on the Genesis platform. While it lacked the star power and licensed names of other titles, it filled a notable gap in the Genesis library. Let’s delve into the world of Dragon Warriors and see if Beast Wrestler truly grapples its way into the hearts of gamers.

The World of DWC

Set in the universe of Dragon Warriors Committee, Beast Wrestler introduces players to a world dominated by bio-engineered beasts, genetically engineered to be ultimate fighting machines.

Beast Wrestler (genesis gallery 01)

These creatures are under the guidance of human trainers, all vying for the coveted title of world champion. As a newcomer in this colossal and oversized realm, you’re tasked with navigating through a multitude of monstrous adversaries. The ultimate goal? Ascend to the pinnacle and claim the title of world champion.

Visuals: A Mixed Bag of Creativity

Beast Wrestler showcases a diverse range of monster designs, each characterized by intricate detail and creative ingenuity. From formidable giants to enigmatic creatures, the designers have left no stone unturned.

However, the arena itself, the battleground for these monstrous clashes, falls slightly short. While functional, it lacks the same level of attention that was lavished upon the beasts themselves. With only one arena in play throughout the game, there was an opportunity missed to inject some extra flair and variety.

Notably, the animations, particularly in motion, exhibit room for refinement. Some monsters appear to move awkwardly and lack synchronization with their surroundings.

Acoustics: A Harmonious Score

The musical score of Beast Wrestler imparts an orchestral atmosphere akin to classics like Rastan. The choice of synthesizers and adept composition contribute to the game’s dramatic and almost epic ambiance.

However, the percussion elements occasionally come across as slightly understated and out of sync with the grandeur of the remaining instruments. Nevertheless, the fast and slow-paced tracks are well-crafted overall. In terms of sound effects, a repertoire of hits, chokeholds, and special moves adds a layer of depth to the gameplay.

While some choices may not be the most optimal (notably the headlock sound effect), they certainly do not detract from the experience. One notable caveat, however, is the uniformity of the defeated monster’s roar, regardless of its species. Given the diverse cast of characters, a broader range of audio cues could have enriched the overall auditory experience.

Gameplay: Grappling and Strategy

Beast Wrestler equips players with a diverse array of basic moves, ranging from throws and dashes to grabs and body slams. This comprehensive repertoire provides ample strategic options for maneuvering opponents.

Additionally, the introduction of special moves, earned through the passage of time or the infliction of damage, injects further depth into the gameplay. Victory hinges on the player’s ability to ‘pin’ opponents, a feat achieved by causing the adversary to cry out while on the ground.

Issues: Reliability and Repetition

However, Beast Wrestler is not without its stumbling blocks. Grappling mechanics may occasionally yield outcomes that feel erratic and unpredictable. There is a persistent feeling of unreliability in executing grappling moves, leading to occasional frustration.

Moreover, a prevalent issue arises in the form of repetitive tactics for securing victory. Once an opponent is downed, a simple, repeated sequence of normal moves can often lead to an easy win. This tendency is particularly evident against a significant portion of adversaries, simplifying encounters and diminishing the potential complexity of the combat system.

Beast Wrestler (genesis gallery 04)

Conclusion: Unfulfilled Potential

In summary, Beast Wrestler, while featuring intriguing monster designs and a fitting musical score, ultimately falls short of realizing its full potential. Awkward animations, an unpredictable grappling system, and the prevalence of repetitive tactics detract from the overall experience.

Although the game remains playable and exhibits moments of promise, it fails to ascend to the status of a truly captivating wrestling title.

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Can I play Beast Wrestler on mobile or tablet?

Yes, Beast Wrestler is compatible with both mobile devices and tablets, ensuring that players can enjoy the game on the go.

How many modes are available in Beast Wrestler?

Beast Wrestler offers two distinct modes: match mode, where two players can engage in combat or one player faces a CPU-controlled opponent, and tournament mode, featuring a series of matches against various beasts.

Are there options to customize my beast in Beast Wrestler?

Indeed, after emerging victorious in matches, players have the opportunity to enhance their beast’s statistics by acquiring items and serums from the training room.

This allows for strategic improvements to the creature’s strength, speed, and stamina.

Can I save my progress in tournament mode?

Absolutely, Beast Wrestler provides players with extensive passwords between rounds in tournament mode, ensuring that progress can be resumed at a later time.

What sets Beast Wrestler apart from other wrestling games of its time?

Beast Wrestler distinguishes itself with genetically-engineered beasts, offering a unique twist on traditional wrestling gameplay. The game’s emphasis on creature customization and merging adds an extra layer of strategic depth, setting it apart from its contemporaries.