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Bermuda Syndrome

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Bermuda Syndrome is an action-adventure game that takes you into the heart of a mysterious jungle.

Join Jack, a World War II fighter pilot, in this gripping tale filled with perilous puzzles, menacing dinosaurs, and the mission to rescue a princess.

The Mysterious Crash

Jack, shot down during a dogfight, crashes into the jungle. His plane, an unwitting hero, inadvertently beheads a princess held captive by a Tyrannosaur.

Surviving the crash, Jack finds himself hanging from a tree by his parachute, the princess still in peril. The first puzzle unfolds, setting the tone for the challenges ahead.

Navigating Challenges

Bermuda Syndrome draws parallels with Delphine’s Flashback, blending traditional adventure elements with action sequences. However, the game raises the difficulty bar.

The controls are less intuitive, requiring practice. Unique to this adventure is the need to protect the princess, making the journey even more treacherous.

With 228 screens, the expansive game presents a daunting challenge. Mastery of action gaming is crucial, as death lurks around every corner..

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The Duality of Recommendation

While the game boasts an engaging story and clever puzzles, the high difficulty level might deter adventure game enthusiasts. It caters more to action experts seeking an adventurous twist.

The princess, incapable of combat, becomes a crucial companion. Interacting with her offers valuable hints, aiding players when the jungle becomes overwhelming.

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Play Bermuda Syndrome online

Now you can play Bermuda Syndrome online, in a web browser, for free!

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What is the storyline of Bermuda Syndrome?

Bermuda Syndrome follows Jack, a World War II fighter pilot, navigating a mysterious jungle to rescue a captive princess after crashing his plane.

How challenging is the game?

The game is known for its high difficulty level, requiring both action and adventure gaming skills to navigate through the perilous jungle.

Can the princess be controlled by the player?

No, the princess cannot be controlled. She serves as a companion and in-game hint system, offering valuable clues when interacting with her.

What is the unique aspect of the game's controls?

The controls, while reminiscent of Delphine’s Flashback, can be less intuitive. Players may need practice to coordinate moves effectively.

How many screens are there in the game, and is it expansive?

The game comprises 228 screens, presenting a vast and challenging jungle landscape. Mastery of action gaming is crucial to progress.