Big Sky Trooper

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Big Sky Trooper combines quirky humor with unique top-down shooter and RPG elements, offering an adventurous space journey filled with strategic planet defense and exploration

Embark on a unique journey across the galaxy with Big Sky Trooper on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). This title, a blend of action, adventure, and RPG elements, takes players on an interstellar adventure unlike any other. Despite its challenges and quirks, Big Sky Trooper offers a distinct experience that has intrigued gamers since its release.


Big Sky Trooper presents a galaxy teeming with slugs from another dimension, combining top-down shooter action with RPG elements. Reminiscent of classics like The Legend of Zelda, it introduces a more shooter-centric gameplay amidst a cartoonish, exaggerated art style. However, it’s the game’s unique mechanics and story that set it apart, for better or worse.

Prepare the neon signs and save the galaxy in Big Sky Trooper!

Gameplay and Mechanics

The Space Odyssey Begins

Your journey in Big Sky Trooper starts aboard your starship, which serves as the hub for health regeneration, save points, and galaxy navigation. The game eases players into its universe, encouraging interaction with the AI to grasp the gameplay mechanics. The star chart, revealing locations and quests, becomes your guide through this sprawling galaxy.

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Quests and Exploration

Quests lead you to diverse planets, each with its own challenges and mini-dungeons. The goal? Retrieve specific items, engage with allies, and expand your map by conquering bosses. Yet, the game’s infinite looping maps and lack of in-game guidance can disorient and frustrate, turning exploration into a chore.

Navigating the Stars

Travel between planets involves setting up relays for instant travel, though not without its share of unskippable animations. The game forces players to manage these relays strategically, adding a layer of planning to your galaxy-wide escapades.

Combat: In Space and on Foot

Combat in Big Sky Trooper is a mixed bag. Space battles, reminiscent of Asteroids, require you to maneuver a sluggish ship against faster, more agile foes. On planets, the action shifts to foot, where you’ll face the slugs directly in environments that range from mazes to hazardous terrains like ice and lava. The combat is hampered by clunky controls and frustrating mechanics, such as the need to use consumable items and spells in cumbersome ways.

The Good, The Bad, and The Slugs

A Universe of Challenges

Big Sky Trooper doesn’t shy away from difficulty, but not always for the right reasons. The infinite respawning of enemies, the tedious puzzle mechanics for spell switching, and the strategic but often annoying management of planet defenses against slug attacks create a gameplay experience that’s as challenging as it is exasperating.

A Dash of Humor in a Corny Galaxy

While the story and characters lean heavily into corniness, there’s a charm to the game’s humor and exaggerated art style. It’s a unique blend that might not suit all tastes, but offers a memorable experience for those willing to embrace its quirks.


Big Sky Trooper is a game that walks a fine line between ambition and frustration. Its unique blend of genres, combined with challenging mechanics and an offbeat story, make it a game that’s not for everyone. Yet, it’s precisely these qualities that might endear it to players looking for something different on the SNES. Whether you’re drawn to its space adventure allure or curious about its unconventional gameplay, Big Sky Trooper remains a noteworthy title in the SNES library.

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Play Big Sky Trooper Online Anywhere

Experience the quirky universe of Big Sky Trooper on both the original SNES platform and modern devices. This game is accessible on various websites and compatible with mobile and tablet devices, ensuring that you can enjoy this interstellar adventure wherever you go.

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What genre does Big Sky Trooper belong to?

Big Sky Trooper combines elements of top-down shooter action with RPG mechanics, reminiscent of classics like The Legend of Zelda.

What are the main challenges faced by players in the game?

Players must navigate through maze-like environments, engage in combat with alien slugs, and strategically manage resources to defend planets from attack.

Are there any redeeming qualities to the game?

While the game’s concept is ambitious, its execution falls short due to clunky mechanics and a lackluster narrative.

Can Big Sky Trooper be played on mobile devices?

Yes, Big Sky Trooper is available for play on both web browsers and mobile devices, offering players the flexibility to enjoy the game anywhere, anytime.

What sets Big Sky Trooper apart from other similar games?

Big Sky Trooper attempts to blend multiple genres into a cohesive experience but ultimately struggles to deliver a compelling gameplay experience due to its technical shortcomings.