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Blackthorne is a cinematic platform game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, taking players on a quest of revenge in a fantasy world.

Blackthorne, alternatively known as “Blackhawk” in certain European countries, is a captivating cinematic platform game crafted by Blizzard Entertainment.

Released in 1994, it made its debut on the Super NES and MS-DOS platforms. The SNES version‘s cover art was masterfully illustrated by Jim Lee.

Over the years, the game’s popularity prompted adaptations, leading to its release on the Sega 32X with extra content. Furthermore, Blizzard’s generosity shone through in 2013 when they offered the game for free on their PC client.

To commemorate Blizzard’s 30th anniversary, Blackthorne was reintroduced for modern platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One, as part of the Blizzard Arcade Collection in February 2021.

BlackThorne game description

The Enigmatic Plot

The captivating narrative of Blackthorne unfolds on the distant planet Tuul, which has remained hidden from human awareness for ages. Over centuries, Tuul’s inhabitants have been under the rule of a solitary shaman blessed with boundless knowledge.

The game delves into the backstory of Thoros, the previous ruler, who faced the perplexing decision of choosing his successor between his two sons. Hoping to resolve this quandary, he led them to the deserts and took his own life, splitting his essence into two stones representing light and darkness.

Each son received a stone to govern their respective kingdoms — Androth and Ka’dra’suul. The divergence in their fates leads Ka’dra’suul into a path of darkness, culminating in their transformation into malevolent creatures.

Kyle’s Odyssey

The tale takes a turn as Sarlac, a Ka’dra leader, assumes power, forming an army to wage war against Androth. King Vlaros of Androth, in a bid to save his people, entrusts his son Kyle to Earth, aided by the magician Galadril. On Earth, Kyle grows into a formidable military captain and mercenary.

Brought back to Tuul by Galadril, he embarks on a mission to defeat Sarlac and restore his people’s fate.

A Hero’s Journey

Kyle’s journey is one of resilience and determination. Through challenging landscapes, he confronts enemies and navigates mazelike levels. Combat plays a pivotal role as he faces off against foes in intense gunfights.

The game showcases innovative mechanics, such as taking cover against walls to dodge bullets and firing blindly behind. Armed with a pump-action shotgun, Kyle’s weaponry evolves with the support of his Androthi allies, enhancing its speed and power.

Treacherous Terrain

Blackthorne spans seventeen levels across four distinct areas: the Androth mines, the Karrellian forests and swamps, the Wasteland desert, and Shadow keep. For players indulging in the Sega 32X version, an additional snowy mountain area awaits. As the game progresses, Kyle’s prowess grows, matched by his adversaries’ increasing strength.

BlackThorne (gallery 07)

Play BlackThorne Online for Free

Rediscover the allure of Blackthorne by immersing yourself in its dynamic gameplay online, absolutely free. Play BlackThorne online, in a web browser!

Traverse the richly detailed universe, experience the thrill of Kyle’s journey, and engage in battles against formidable enemies.

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What distinguishes Blackthorne from other platform games of its time?

Blackthorne offers a unique blend of cinematic storytelling, intricate platforming, and strategic combat that sets it apart in the gaming landscape.

How does Kyle's journey resonate with players?

Players connect with Kyle’s journey of vengeance and redemption, as he battles adversaries and uncovers the mysteries of Tuul.

What role does combat play in the game?

Combat in Blackthorne involves gunfights, cover mechanics, and strategic shooting, adding depth and excitement to the gameplay.

How does the game's environment contribute to its appeal?

The game’s diverse settings, from mines and forests to deserts and castles, create an immersive world for players to explore.

What impact did Blackthorne have on the platforming genre?

Blackthorne introduced innovative mechanics that balanced platforming with combat, leaving a lasting influence on the platforming genre.