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Blender Bros. delivers a captivating Gameboy Advance experience with stellar platforming, strategic Mini Bros., and a cosmic soundtrack, offering maximum joy in a brief yet delightful adventure

I have a soft spot for blenders; they whip up delightful smoothies, and who doesn’t love a good smoothie? Interestingly, I stumbled upon a game that shares the name “Blender” in its title. Let’s delve into the world of Blender Bros. for the Gameboy Advance and see if it can blend well into the realm of captivating gameplay.

Game Overview

Blender Bros., released by Infogrames in 2002 for the Gameboy Advance, takes players on a thrilling platformer adventure. Set across 7 distinct worlds, you assume the role of Blender, a Cosmo Keeper dedicated to thwarting the evil Zooligans’ plans to seize the galaxy.

Blender’s trademark, his prominent ears, proves invaluable on this cosmic journey, but additional assistance comes from the Mini Bros., strategically placed throughout the levels.

Blender Bros. (GBA gallery 04)

Mini Bros. Mechanics

Mini Bros. bring a tactical element to the game, offering various abilities such as extended attack range, healing, shielding, and even draining enemy health. Choosing the right Mini Bros. for each stage involves a bit of strategy, but fear not—Blender Bros. allows flexibility, letting you switch Mini Bros. within each stage. These additions enhance the overall gameplay experience, making each level a dynamic challenge.

Worlds and Levels

The game’s structure unfolds with each of the 7 worlds comprising 3 unique stages and a boss fight. The levels boast diverse themes corresponding to their respective worlds, featuring jungles, water environments, and more.

Meticulously crafted with branching paths and hidden secrets, the levels provide a rich and engaging experience. However, the game’s Achilles’ heel surfaces: its brevity. A player can conquer the game in a mere 45 minutes, leaving a desire for more content.

Evolution Mechanism

A standout feature of Blender Bros. lies in the Mini Bros. collection, trade, and evolution system. Much like a certain pocket monster franchise, the Mini Bros. can be evolved using one of three available music CDs within the Cosmo Keepers base.

Although reminiscent of a familiar concept, the diversity among Mini Bros. functions well, with each having a unique purpose. However, some evolutions feel uninspired, merely upgrading to a slightly better version rather than introducing a fresh dynamic.

Soundtrack and Visuals

Accompanying the gameplay is a noteworthy soundtrack that immerses players in the experience. The Gameboy Advance’s audio capabilities are aptly showcased, creating a nostalgic ambiance. The visuals are equally commendable, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of Blender Bros.

Flaws and Anomalies

Despite its merits, Blender Bros. has its share of drawbacks. The short playtime, akin to a sudden end to Lindsay Lohan’s career, leaves players wanting more. Additionally, the inclusion of driving segments, while not inherently bad, feels somewhat out of place in the game’s context.

Blender Bros. (GBA gallery 03)


Blender Bros. emerges as a commendable platformer with solid gameplay mechanics, challenging bosses, and well-crafted levels. Its fusion of strategy with Mini Bros. and an engaging soundtrack make it a worthwhile addition to any Gameboy Advance collection.

While its brevity may disappoint, the overall experience compensates for the fleeting joy. If you’re yearning for a satisfying platformer on your Gameboy Advance, Blender Bros. is definitely worth a try—just be prepared for a journey as swift as reading this review.

Blend Fun with Strategy – Where Mini Bros. and Cosmic Adventures Unite!

Play Blender Bros. Online Anywhere, Anytime

Experience the cosmic adventure of Blender Bros. not only on your desktop but also on your mobile and tablet devices. The game seamlessly transitions across platforms, ensuring you can enjoy the Mini Bros. experience on the go.

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How long does it take to complete Blender Bros.?

On average, players can finish the game in approximately 45 minutes, though completionists aiming for 100% may spend around 2 hours.

Are there in-app purchases for Blender Bros.?

No, Blender Bros. does not feature in-app purchases. The game’s evolution system relies on music CDs available in the Cosmo Keepers base.

Can I play Blender Bros. on my mobile device?

Blender Bros. offers a seamless gaming experience on both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring you can enjoy it anywhere on our website.

What makes the Mini Bros. mechanic unique?

Bros. bring strategic depth to the game, offering various abilities. Players can collect, trade, and evolve them using music CDs, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Does Blender Bros. have a multiplayer mode?

No, Blender Bros. is a single-player platformer, focusing on the cosmic adventures of Blender and his Mini Bros.