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Had enough of all those Czech adventures and dungeons and craving a classic Czech game of a different genre? Look no further. Let's dive into Boovie, a game developed by Future Games, falling under the logic genre.

Released in 1998, this game proved to be a great success. Players control the character Boovie (resembling a mouse or a bear), whose task is to push a brown brick to a designated spot and advance to the next level. With 90 levels spread across three difficulty levels, boredom won’t be on the menu. Brace yourself, it will surely challenge your brain!

The Tale of Boovie

Boovie and Lili live happily together in a small cottage on the outskirts of the town. Every day, Lili prepares Boovie’s favorite mix of granules and honey for breakfast, taking care of him lovingly. However, their idyllic life takes a turn when the local elites decide to build a luxury villa on the neighboring property.

One morning, an unfortunate turn of events interrupts their peace as a large convoy of construction vehicles arrives. The unfortunate family wakes up to this intrusion. Just before the grand building’s completion, construction materials run short.

The chief builder realizes that they lack a single brick for the restroom’s foundation and decides to act. He kidnaps Lili, demanding one brick as ransom. And now, it’s your turn to help Boovie retrieve his dear companion.

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics and sound are well-executed, contributing to an overall pleasant experience. Besides the main character, the game features various monsters that can be defeated either by bullets or by dropping bricks on them.

In addition to the brown bricks, transparent bricks that can be broken, various teleporters, elevators, and other moving devices are integrated into the game. On newer computers with NT, 2000, or XP systems, Dosbox is the recommended program to run the game, as it operates flawlessly in this context.


Don’t wait any longer! Join the Boovie in his quest and save him from this predicament. The charming gameplay and captivating challenges are awaiting you. Good luck!

Play Boovie Online

Great news for all fans! You can now enjoy this classic Czech logic game right on our website, directly in your web browser. No need to install any additional software or emulators; simply click on the game and start your nostalgic adventure with Boovie. Have a blast and test your puzzle-solving skills online!

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Can I play Boovie on modern computers?

Yes, you can run game on newer computers with NT, 2000, or XP systems using Dosbox. It works smoothly without any issues.

How many levels does Boovie have?

Game offers 90 levels spread across three difficulty levels, ensuring a challenging and engaging experience for players.

What makes Boovie unique compared to other classic Czech games?

Game stands out for its genre, being a logic-based game that requires players to strategize and solve puzzles to progress through the levels, making it a refreshing experience for fans of classic Czech games.