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Brain Lord offers a captivating blend of puzzles, strategic combat with unique Jade companions, and a rich narrative, all wrapped in vibrant SNES graphics

In an era dominated by action RPGs on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), a game titled “Brain Lord” emerged from the shadows. Despite the frenzy for such games, spurred by legendary titles like “The Legend of Zelda,” Brain Lord remained an underappreciated gem. Developed by Enix, a company celebrated for its contributions to the genre, this game offered a unique blend of innovation and traditional gameplay. Yet, it mysteriously failed to capture the widespread acclaim it deserved.

Embark on a quest where magic and strategy collide in ‘Brain Lord.

The Genesis of Adventure

A Familiar Beginning

Brain Lord opens with a narrative that might seem all too familiar to the seasoned gamer. We are introduced to Remeer, a young protagonist whose father, a Dragon Warrior, vanishes while on a quest involving dragons. This sets the stage for Remeer’s own journey, which, although sparked by a quest for dragon scales, unfolds into a much larger adventure.

The Quest Unfolds

As Remeer matures, so does his quest. From mundane tasks like exterminating attic rats to the lofty goal of locating the last dragon, the game weaves a narrative that is both engaging and endearing. Despite its seemingly cliché start, this game offers a story enriched with twists and charming characters that contribute significantly to the overall experience.

A Tapestry of Characters and Gameplay

Characters That Charm

Unlike other games where side characters often fade into the background, Brain Lord ensures that each character you encounter is memorable. From Barness, the helpful old man, to Rein, the mysterious warrior, the game presents a cast that is both lovable and integral to the narrative.

Brain Lord (SNES gallery 06)

A Fusion of Action and Strategy

Brain Lord excels in blending action with RPG elements, creating a gameplay experience that is both familiar and innovative. Players navigate Remeer through various dungeons, utilizing an arsenal ranging from swords to magic spells. The game’s standout feature, the Jade system, introduces miniature monsters that provide assistance, adding a layer of strategy to the combat and exploration.

Visuals and Sound: A Mixed Bag

A Graphical Feast

Released in 1994, Brain Lord boasts visuals that stand out among its SNES contemporaries. The detailed character designs and vibrant environments create a captivating world. The Jades, despite their small size, receive particular attention, showcasing Enix’s commitment to delivering a visually stunning experience.

Audio: Room for Improvement

While the game’s graphics leave a lasting impression, its audio aspects, particularly the soundtrack and sound effects, do not reach the same heights. The repetitive themes and lackluster sound effects may detract from the overall experience for some players.

The Journey’s Reward

Despite its shortcomings, this game remains a compelling adventure. The game challenges players with puzzles, battles, and exploration, all culminating in a satisfying conclusion. The blend of fun combat, strategic elements, and a captivating atmosphere ensures that Brain Lord deserves a spot in any action RPG fan’s collection.


Brain Lord is a testament to the depth and diversity of the SNES library. It stands as a reminder that even the most overlooked games can offer rich, engaging experiences. With its charming narrative, innovative gameplay, and stunning visuals, “Brain Lord” is more than deserving of recognition and appreciation.

Brain Lord (SNES gallery 05)

Play Brain Lord Online Anywhere

Brain Lord is now accessible on various platforms, allowing players to experience this classic on the web, mobile, and tablet devices. Dive into this unforgettable adventure wherever you are, and discover why Brain Lord remains a cherished title among action RPG enthusiasts.

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What makes this game unique among SNES RPGs?

This game distinguishes itself with its Jade system, where players can utilize miniature monsters for assistance, and its blend of action-packed gameplay with strategic elements.

Can I play Brain Lord on modern devices?

Yes, Brain Lord is available on web, mobile, and tablet platforms, making it easily accessible for gamers today.

What is the main storyline of Brain Lord?

The game follows Remeer, a young warrior, on his quest to find the last dragon, a journey that starts from a personal quest for dragon scales and evolves into a larger adventure.

Does Brain Lord have a deep storyline?

While the main plot of Brain Lord might not be overly complex, it is enriched with engaging twists and charming characters that enhance the narrative experience

How does the combat system in this game work?

This game features real-time combat where players can use a variety of weapons and magic spells. The game introduces a strategic element with the Jade system, allowing for a more dynamic combat experience.