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Brett Hull Hockey '95 brings nostalgic 16-bit hockey action with engaging gameplay, quirky scoring mechanics, and a dive into the 1993-94 NHL season for fans and newcomers

Explore the nostalgic journey into the 16-bit gaming era with a deep dive into one of its sports tributes, Brett Hull Hockey ’95. This review encapsulates the essence of the game, detailing its various aspects from gameplay and controls to graphics and sound, providing an insightful look for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.


In the golden age of 16-bit gaming, sports titles often paid homage to legendary athletes, giving players the opportunity to step into the skates of their hockey heroes. Amidst games dedicated to icons like Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky, Brett Hull Hockey ’95 stands out as a tribute to another great, Brett Hull. This sequel to the original Brett Hull Hockey by Accolade, focuses on the 1993-94 NHL season, despite the ’95 in its title, setting the stage with teams like Hull’s St. Louis Blues and the Vancouver Canucks, who faced off in the memorable Stanley Cup Finals against the New York Rangers.

Relive the golden era of hockey with Brett Hull and dive into nostalgia with Brett Hull Hockey ’95.


Brett Hull Hockey ’95 (BHH 95) offers gameplay that might remind veterans of the genre of the North-South camera view popularized by EA’s NHL series. This choice of perspective is a matter of preference, yet it uniquely frames BHH 95’s action. The game exhibits a peculiar ease in scoring through long-range slap shots, a strategy that proves nearly unbeatable due to the goalkeepers’ susceptibility to these attempts and their tendency to leave rebounds open.

Brett Hull Hockey (SNES gallery 04)


The control scheme in BHH 95 is comprehensive yet flawed. Players maneuver well but often miss the puck due to inexplicable errors, notably when attempting to prevent icing calls. The game employs all available buttons for various shots and defensive moves like poke checks and hard hits. However, the control system feels basic and occasionally unresponsive, detracting from the overall experience.


When comparing BHH 95 to contemporaries like NHL Stanley Cup, the graphics disappoint. Player models lack detail, and the audience resembles gray static, undermining the game’s attempt at realism. Even the referee’s portrait awkwardly stands out, not in a good way, leaving much to be desired from the game’s visual presentation.


The audio experience of BHH 95, however, is a redeeming feature. Although the game doesn’t boast a wide selection of tracks, the available music and in-game organ play enhance the atmosphere. Notably, the commentary by Al Michaels adds a layer of authenticity to the gameplay, despite some quirks like the selective naming of players.


BHH 95 offers a challenging gameplay experience, primarily due to its frustrating goaltending mechanics and player control issues. While leading a game, players might find themselves quickly losing ground due to the AI’s proficiency with long-distance shots. The season and playoff modes provide some solace with their brevity and flexibility, yet the game’s balance issues can lead to a vexing experience.

Final Thoughts

Brett Hull Hockey ’95 offers a nostalgic trip back to a time when teams like Hartford, Quebec, and Winnipeg graced the NHL. While it may not be the pinnacle of hockey video games, its charm lies in its ability to evoke memories of the sport’s past glories. For those seeking a dose of nostalgia or a glimpse into the 16-bit sports gaming era, BHH 95 is an affordable choice, albeit with its fair share of gameplay and graphical shortcomings.

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Play Brett Hull Hockey Online Anywhere, Anytime!

For enthusiasts looking to relive the nostalgia or newcomers curious about this classic, Brett Hull Hockey ’95 is accessible on various platforms, including modern web browsers, as well as mobile and tablet devices, ensuring that the legacy of this SNES classic continues to endure across generations.

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What makes Brett Hull Hockey '95 stand out among other hockey video games?

Brett Hull Hockey ’95 is a tribute to one of hockey’s greats, Brett Hull, offering a nostalgic 16-bit gameplay experience with unique scoring mechanics and a glimpse into the 1993-94 NHL season.

How does the game's graphics compare to its contemporaries?

The game’s graphics are considered subpar compared to other titles like NHL Stanley Cup, with less detailed player models and static-looking audiences.

Can you play Brett Hull Hockey '95 on modern devices?

Yes, Brett Hull Hockey ’95 is playable on modern web browsers, as well as mobile and tablet devices, allowing for a wider audience to experience the game.

What are the main gameplay challenges in Brett Hull Hockey '95?

Players might find the game challenging due to its goaltending mechanics and the ease of scoring with long-distance slap shots, alongside control issues.

Is Brett Hull Hockey '95 suitable for all types of players?

While the game may appeal more to nostalgic fans or those interested in hockey history, its accessible gameplay mechanics make it suitable for a broad audience, including newcomers to the genre.