Bubsy II

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Bubsy II offers a nostalgic trip into the 90s platforming genre, featuring diverse worlds, quirky mini-games, and a unique, albeit challenging, take on classic platformer mechanics

Back in the early 90s, when Sonic the Hedgehog burst onto the gaming scene with his blazing speed and cool attitude, it seemed like every game developer wanted their own animal mascot. Unfortunately, not all of these mascots were created equal. While Sonic soared to fame, inspiring a generation of gamers, others fell by the wayside, fading into obscurity. And then there’s Bubsy the Bobcat, a character who managed to stick around despite being widely reviled by gamers and critics alike.

Gameplay Frustrations

Bubsy II is a 2D platformer, much like Sonic, but that’s where the similarities end. While Sonic games were known for their tight controls and innovative level design, Bubsy 2 falls flat in both departments. From the moment you start playing, you’ll notice that something feels off. Bubsy’s jumps are slippery and hard to control, often leading to frustrating deaths as you miss platforms or overshoot your landing.

And it’s not just the jumping that’s a problem – Bubsy also runs fast, but the levels are filled with obstacles that seem designed to punish you for moving quickly. Instant-kill spikes, electrical fences, and pools of water that kill you instantly are just a few of the hazards you’ll encounter as you play.

Bubsy II (SNES gallery 08)

Graphics and Sound

Graphically, Bubsy II is decent, but it’s nothing special. The sprites are colorful enough, but they lack the charm and personality of Sonic’s world. The music and sound effects are similarly uninspired, with forgettable tunes and generic sound effects that do little to enhance the overall experience. And then there’s Bubsy himself, constantly spouting off obnoxious one-liners every time you die or win. It quickly becomes grating and adds to the overall feeling of annoyance that permeates the game.

The Unappealing Character

But perhaps the biggest problem with Bubsy 2 is its titular protagonist. Bubsy is, to put it bluntly, one of the most unlikable characters in gaming history. From his generic appearance to his forced attitude, there’s nothing about him that endears him to players. Unlike Sonic, who was cool and edgy in a way that felt genuine, Bubsy comes off as manufactured and forced. His attempts at humor fall flat, and his constant smirking and quipping only serve to make him more irritating.

Bubsy II: A Misadventure in Mediocrity.


In conclusion, Bubsy II is a disappointing platformer that fails to capture the magic of its inspiration. With slippery controls, confusing level design, and an unlikable protagonist, it’s a game that’s best left in the past. While Sonic continues to be celebrated as one of gaming’s greatest icons, Bubsy remains a cautionary tale of what happens when developers try to cash in on a trend without understanding what made it great in the first place.

Bubsy II (SNES gallery 01)

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Experience the disappointment of Bubsy II on your SNES console or enjoy the frustration on the go with mobile and tablet versions available.

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Is Bubsy II a good platformer game?

Unfortunately, Bubsy 2 does not stand out as a commendable platformer, especially when placed in the context of its era. The game suffers significantly from its slippery controls and unpredictable physics, making even the simplest jumps a challenge.

This lack of precision in control detracts from the enjoyment and playability, positioning Bubsy 2 far behind its contemporaries in terms of quality and fun.

How does Bubsy II compare to other platformer games of its time?

When compared to iconic platformers of its time, such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros, Bubsy 2 noticeably lacks the polish, creativity, and engaging gameplay that made those titles enduring classics.

Sonic and Mario games were celebrated for their precise controls, innovative level design, and charismatic protagonists. Bubsy 2, on the other hand, struggles with fundamental gameplay mechanics and fails to provide a compelling or unique platforming experience.

Can Bubsy II be recommended to anyone?

Bubsy 2 might hold some interest for video game historians or players curious about the less successful attempts at mascot-driven platformers from the 90s.

However, for those looking for an enjoyable and rewarding platforming experience, there are numerous other titles from the era that offer vastly superior gameplay, story, and design. Bubsy 2 serves more as a cautionary tale of the pitfalls of game development rather than a hidden gem.

Are there any memorable moments in Bubsy 2?

The game’s memorable moments are more likely to stem from its frustrating gameplay elements rather than the thrilling or innovative experiences typically associated with the genre.

Players might find the poor level design, perplexing enemy placement, and the game’s overall lack of direction to be noteworthy, albeit for the wrong reasons. The tedious mini-games and Bubsy’s grating one-liners may stick with players, but not in a manner that endears the game to them.

Will there be a comeback for the Bubsy franchise?

Given the overwhelmingly negative reception of Bubsy 2 and its predecessors, a significant franchise revival seems improbable. While the video game industry has seen successful reboots and sequels of classic games, such a turnaround would require a fundamental reimagining of what Bubsy is as a game and character.

The original titles’ lack of a loyal fan base and the character’s poor reputation present significant challenges to any potential revival efforts.