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C2: Judgment Clay delivers a unique claymation aesthetic with creative backgrounds and a few standout characters on the SNES, despite its gameplay and sound shortcomings

Dive into the colorful yet chaotic world of C2: Judgement Clay, a unique fighting game that attempts to stand out in the crowded SNES arena. Despite its ambitious graphics and quirky characters, does it manage to deliver a knockout punch, or does it crumble under the weight of its own clay?

Graphics: A Glimmer of Hope

The game presents a visually distinctive style with three-dimensional looking characters and backgrounds that catch the eye. Stages like the one where you face Blob, backed by a giant clay monster, showcase the game’s creative effort. However, the lack of vibrant colors and detail in character designs leaves much to be desired.

Sound: A Missed Beat

Unfortunately, the game’s audio fails to impress. With sound effects that more often than not threaten the eardrums and voice lines that grate on the nerves, ClayFighter 2 misses the mark in delivering an auditory experience that complements its visual efforts.

Storyline: A Muddled Mess

C2: Judgement Clay (SNES gallery 04)

The game’s storyline seems to be an afterthought, with a vague plot involving new characters in town and a battle for supremacy. This lack of narrative depth fails to engage players or provide a compelling reason to fight beyond the sheer novelty of its claymation-inspired combat.

Characters: A Mixed Bag

While some characters like Bad Mr. Frosty bring a certain charm to the fray, the overall cast lacks the inspiration and depth found in other fighting games. Characters such as Blob and Hoppy feel uninspired, contributing to the game’s struggle to establish a memorable identity.

Gameplay: Clunky and Unresponsive

C2: Judgement Clay suffers from unresponsive controls and a gameplay experience that feels unrefined. The clunky mechanics and imbalance among characters add frustration rather than fun, making each match a test of patience rather than skill.

Replay Value: Hardly There

With its repetitive gameplay and lack of engaging content, the game offers little incentive for players to return. Competing titles on the SNES provide a far more rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Overall: A Missed Opportunity

ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay had the potential to be a standout title with its unique aesthetic and premise. However, its execution in key areas like sound, storyline, and gameplay leaves it lagging behind its peers. For those seeking a fulfilling fighting game experience on the SNES, classics like Street Fighter II: TurboΒ or “Samurai Shodown” might be more worthwhile ventures.


In the realm of SNES fighting games, C2: Judgement Clay stands as a testament to ambition that unfortunately doesn’t quite hit the mark. While it may offer brief moments of entertainment, its shortcomings in design, audio, and gameplay mechanics make it a title that’s hard to recommend.

C2: Judgement Clay (SNES gallery 01)

Play C2: Judgement Clay Online Anywhere, Anytime!

Despite its shortcomings, C2: Judgement Clay remains a curious piece of gaming history that can be experienced on various platforms, including web emulators, mobile, and tablets, offering a glimpse into the quirky side of SNES gaming for those interested in exploring it.

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What makes ClayFighter 2: Judgment Clay unique on the SNES platform?

C2: Judgement Clay Judgment Clay attempts to distinguish itself with a visually distinctive style, featuring three-dimensional looking characters and backgrounds that stand out due to their claymation-inspired design. However, it struggles to fully capitalize on its unique aesthetic due to various gameplay and design shortcomings.

How do the graphics of C2: Judgement Clay compare to other SNES games?

The game offers decent graphics for its time, with some creative backgrounds and character designs that hint at a three-dimensional look. Despite this, the overall color palette and detail in character animations are lacking when compared to other vibrant and visually rich titles on the SNES.

What are the main criticisms of ClayFighter 2's gameplay?

Critics point out that the gameplay of ClayFighter 2 is clunky and unresponsive, with moves that are difficult to execute reliably. This leads to a frustrating experience, exacerbated by an imbalance among the characters, making the game feel less competitive and enjoyable.

Are there any redeeming qualities in C2: Judgement Clay ?

The game’s unique claymation-inspired graphics and a few creative stages are mentioned as positive aspects. Additionally, certain characters, like Bad Mr. Frosty, are highlighted for their charm, despite the overall cast being deemed uninspiring.

Is C2: Judgement Clay worth playing today?

Given its significant flaws in sound, storyline, character design, and gameplay, ClayFighter 2 is generally not recommended, especially when compared to other classic fighters available on the SNES. However, for those interested in gaming history or the novelty of its clay-based aesthetic, it might offer some value as a curiosity.