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Cadash on Genesis offers a unique blend of platforming and RPG elements with fluid controls, rich graphics, and a captivating fantasy world

In 1992, Taito unveiled its action-packed RPG, Cadash, on the Sega Genesis. Unlike its Japanese release, this version came forth under Taito’s direct banner. A South Korean variant also emerged.

A Kingdom in Peril

The tale begins with a king beseeching a solitary warrior, or a pair, to rescue his abducted daughter from a malevolent Balrog. The player’s initials are used, adding a touch of charm.

However, a prominent drawback surfaces from the outset. Although the hallmark of the game lies in its two-player co-op, the ninja and priestess classes are notably absent. These intriguing characters from the original arcade and TurboGrafx port are supplanted by the fighter and mage.

Cadash (genesis gallery 02)

The fighter, a robust figure reminiscent of Taito’s Rastan, excels in brute force. On the other hand, the mage wields potent spells, accessible via a meter-depleting magic system.

Adventures Await

The game’s structure mirrors its counterparts, featuring five expansive levels interspersed with towns. Some alterations in stage design lend a slightly simplified feel to the Genesis adaptation. Regrettably, the colossal kelp boss is entirely omitted. The revamped graphics imbue the game with a darker, more detailed aesthetic, offering a stark contrast to the TurboGrafx rendition. Sprites are larger, and the overall ambiance exudes toughness.

The soundtrack, while uneven in selection, harmonizes seamlessly with the Genesis sound chip. Slower, mellower tunes particularly shine.

Controls prove responsive, even considering the size of the characters. Combat is a thrilling affair against a menagerie of fantastical creatures. The game’s challenge level presents a curious paradox. Players may find themselves meeting their demise more frequently compared to the TurboGrafx version, yet the Genesis release is more generous with extra lives and continues. Full-HP-recovery elixirs are available for purchase, albeit at an escalating cost.

Power-leveling proves to be more challenging, with each level-up yielding only incremental stat improvements. The Start button brings up a menu displaying vital information, such as attack and defense scores. Items still activate automatically under certain conditions.

An Odyssey of Unique Gameplay

Genesis Cadash distinguishes itself as the non-Working Designs rendition, characterized by its straightforward dialogue. This game places emphasis on action over extensive conversations.

After revisiting Cadash, it’s apparent that both the TurboGrafx and Genesis versions possess their distinct merits. While the TurboGrafx iteration boasts the complete quartet of heroes, the Genesis adaptation holds its own charm.

Cadash (genesis gallery 01)

Cadash stands as a rare blend of RPG and platformer, carving a niche all its own. An experience not to be missed, and featuring one of gaming’s most endearing princesses.

Dive in to anΒ  legendary journey in Cadash, where RPG meets platformer in a truly unique adventure!

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What is the history behind Cadash?

Cadash, developed by Taito, was originally an action RPG arcade game. It made its way to the Sega Genesis in 1992, offering a unique blend of platforming and RPG elements.

Why were certain character classes excluded in the Genesis version?

The Genesis release of Cadash omitted the ninja and priestess classes, which were available in other versions. This decision remains a curious aspect of the game’s development.

How does Cadash stand out from other RPGs?

Cadash defies conventional RPG categorization. It combines platforming, RPG mechanics, and action-packed combat, creating a distinctive gameplay experience.

What are the key differences between the TurboGrafx and Genesis versions?

Both versions of Cadash offer their own unique strengths. The TurboGrafx version features the complete roster of characters, while the Genesis version boasts enhanced graphics and a darker, grittier atmosphere.

Is there a recommended character class for beginners?

For newcomers, the fighter class is often the preferred choice. This robust character hits hard and doesn’t heavily rely on magic, making it an excellent starting point in the game.