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Captain Commando offers a visually engaging, character-rich beat 'em up experience with unique weapons and mechs, perfect for fans of classic Capcom arcade action

Captain Commando, a timeless gem from Capcom’s library, may not share the limelight with Ryu or Megaman, but its enduring legacy in the beat ’em up genre is undeniable. Emerging as the American branch’s “spokesperson” through various media, Captain Commando finally made his mark in the gaming world with his eponymous beat ’em up title. In this review, we’ll delve into the depths of this action-packed journey, exploring its story, gameplay mechanics, and overall impact.


A Galactic Battle

Captain Commando takes players on a futuristic adventure where they assume the role of the titular character, leading a diverse squad of commandos on a mission to combat a nefarious genetic scientist. Set against the backdrop of a distant future, the game’s plot unfolds across a series of terrestrial environments, culminating in an epic showdown in the vast reaches of space.

While the narrative may seem somewhat thin, it compensates with its intriguing cast of characters, including a bionic hero, a ninja, a mummy, and a super-genius baby in a mechanized suit. Despite its simplicity, the story sets the stage for an action-packed journey filled with memorable encounters and thrilling battles.


Visual Splendor

One of Captain Commando’s standout features is its impressive visuals, characterized by sharp graphics and vibrant sprites. Drawing on Capcom‘s renowned artistry, the game showcases detailed backgrounds and well-animated characters, creating a visually immersive experience for players. While some environments may exhibit repetitive elements, the inclusion of dynamic gore adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay, making every encounter feel visceral and impactful. From slicing enemies in half to shattering storefront windows, the graphical fidelity of Captain Commando elevates the overall immersion, ensuring that players are fully engrossed in the action.

Captain Commando (SNES gallery 06)


Auditory Ambiance

While Captain Commando excels in the visual department, its audio presentation falls somewhat short of expectations. Unlike its predecessors like Final Fight and Knights of the Round, which boasted memorable soundtracks, Captain Commando’s music feels somewhat lackluster, serving more as background filler than a standout feature. Similarly, the sound effects lack the crispness and clarity found in other Capcom titles, occasionally coming across as fuzzy or muffled. While these shortcomings may detract slightly from the overall experience, they do little to diminish the game’s core appeal, which lies in its engaging gameplay and action-packed combat sequences.

Unleash chaos in this classic brawler adventure!


Fluid Gameplay

One area where Captain Commando truly shines is its tight and responsive controls, ensuring that players can execute moves and combos with precision. While occasional issues may arise with certain actions failing to register, the overall control scheme remains intuitive and easy to grasp. Whether you’re delivering devastating blows or unleashing special attacks, the controls allow for seamless navigation through the game’s various stages, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.


Chaotic Combat

At its core, Captain Commando offers classic side-scrolling beat ’em up action, reminiscent of Capcom’s other beloved titles. Players can team up with friends or AI-controlled allies to battle their way through hordes of enemies, utilizing a variety of melee and ranged attacks to overcome challenges. What sets Captain Commando apart is its incorporation of projectile weapons and mechs, adding an extra layer of depth to the combat system.

From wielding laser pistols to piloting robotic war machines, players have a diverse array of tools at their disposal, making each encounter feel unique and exhilarating. While the game’s difficulty may ramp up at times, especially during boss battles, the satisfaction of mastering its mechanics is unparalleled.

Replay Value

Endless Adventures

Despite its linear progression and lack of branching paths, Captain Commando offers ample replay value thanks to its diverse roster of characters and cooperative multiplayer mode. While each character may offer slightly different playstyles, the overall gameplay experience remains consistent, ensuring that players can enjoy countless hours of action-packed fun. Additionally, the game’s straightforward nature and pick-up-and-play appeal make it accessible to players of all skill levels, further enhancing its replayability.


A Timeless Classic

In conclusion, Captain Commando stands as a testament to Capcom’s prowess in the beat ’em up genre, offering a thrilling blend of action, adventure, and camaraderie. While it may not reach the same heights as some of Capcom’s other iconic titles, it remains a cherished gem among fans of classic gaming. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Captain Commando promises an unforgettable journey through a futuristic world filled with danger and excitement.

Captain Commando (SNES gallery 02)

Play Captain Commando Online Anywhere, Anytime!

Experience the adrenaline-pumping action of Captain Commando on multiple platforms, including the SNES, PS1, and Capcom Classics Collection 2. With its availability across various gaming systems, players can enjoy the game’s timeless appeal anytime, anywhere, whether on a console or a mobile device. So gather your friends, prepare for battle, and embark on an epic adventure with Captain Commando today!

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Who are the main characters in Captain Commando ?

Captain Commando features four unique characters for players to battle crime with, including Captain Commando himself, a Ninja, a Mummy with a modern twist, and a super-genius baby piloting a mechanized suit. Each character brings their specific abilities and playstyle to the game.

What are the visual and audio aspects of Captain Commando ?

The game boasts sharp, well-animated sprites and engaging backgrounds, showcasing Capcom’s mastery in the beat ’em up genre’s aesthetics. It also integrates elements of gore for added visual satisfaction. On the other hand, the music and sound effects are considered functional but less memorable compared to other Capcom titles, with the soundtrack being described as passable and the sound effects a bit fuzzy.

How does the gameplay in Captain Commando compare to other Capcom beat 'em ups?

Captain Commando follows the familiar Capcom side-scrolling beat ’em up formula but adds its unique twist with projectile weapons and mechs. While the combat may not feel vastly different from other titles like Final Fight, the inclusion of guns and the ability to pilot mechs offer a fresh dynamic to the brawling action. The game is praised for keeping the control tight and fluid, although it doesn’t entirely reach the same level of acclaim as some of Capcom’s other classics.

What is the replay value of Captain Commando?

The game offers four distinct characters that can be played cooperatively, but the differences in playstyle between them are not as pronounced as in some other Capcom beat ’em ups. There’s only one ending to achieve, and no leveling system, which might limit the desire to replay the game. The replay value is considered somewhat lower than average due to these factors.

Overall, how does Captain Commando stand in the beat 'em up genre?

Captain Commando is celebrated for its visual flair, unique characters, and satisfying 4-player combat, positioning it above many other beat ’em ups from its era. However, it is not deemed the best Capcom has produced. The game is considered “very good” rather than great, recommended for those who can appreciate a solid brawler even if it doesn’t reach the pinnacle of the genre.