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Chasm: The Rift (also known as Chasm: The Shadow Zone) is a first-person shooter video game developed by Action Forms and published in 1997 by Megamedia.

Chasm: The Rift – A First-Person Shooter Adventure

The game was released as a competitor to Quake, one year after the latter’s debut, following GT Interactive losing publishing rights to Activision when id Software signed with the latter.

Time Traveling Commando

In Chasm: The Rift, players assume the role of an unnamed commando with a critical mission – to stop the invasion of mutant beings known as “Timestrikers” from taking over Earth by creating time rifts across the planet.

The commando must travel through various locations, ranging from modern military bases to ancient Egyptian tombs, all filled with dark corridors reminiscent of catacombs and crypts.

Severing Limbs and Alien Invasion

The game introduces a notable feature – the ability to remove limbs from enemies, adding a unique twist to the typical first-person shooter gameplay.

Battling the Timestrikers

The Timestrikers, an alien species, launch a sudden and aggressive invasion of Earth through their time rifts. As the commando, players must thwart their plans and defend the planet. The journey takes them through missions in the present, ancient Egypt, and even the 11th century Middle Ages.

Unraveling the Mystery

Throughout the game, the commando discovers the Timestrikers’ intentions and how they harness the power of pyramids to manipulate time.

Armed with a recovered time channel device and deciphered ancient manuscripts, the commando embarks on a quest to prevent the Timestrikers’ attacks and trace their origins to their home dimension.

The Final Showdown

After a relentless pursuit, the commando eventually reaches the Timestrikers’ dimension and engages in a final battle, effectively putting an end to their invasion and saving Earth from the alien threat.

Relive the Classic Adventure

As a fan of classic first-person shooters and thrilling adventures, Chasm: The Rift is a game that shouldn’t be missed.

With its engaging storyline, challenging missions, and unique limb-removing feature, it offers a memorable experience for players seeking action-packed gaming sessions.

Play Chasm: The Rift Online for Free

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Is there a multiplayer mode in Chasm: The Rift?

Unfortunately, Chasm: The Rift does not have a multiplayer mode. The game focuses on a single-player campaign experience.

Does Chasm: The Rift have multiple endings?

No, Chasm: The Rift follows a linear narrative, leading to a single ending based on the player’s successful completion of the game’s missions.

Are there any other games developed by Action Forms worth playing?

Certainly! Action Forms developed the Carnivores series, a dinosaur hunting game franchise, which gained popularity among gamers for its unique concept and immersive gameplay.