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Colony 28 offers you a unique blend of action and logic in a side-scrolling platform game.

The Invasion

In 2013, Earth faced a catastrophic invasion by extraterrestrial forces, leading to its swift conquest. In just a matter of weeks, the once-mighty human civilization was brought to its knees.

The invaders imposed their rule, and Earth was renamed Colony 28. Humans were subjected to a grim fate, transformed into obedient androids, forced to serve their alien overlords.

This is the bleak backdrop for the epic struggle that awaits you.

Become the Hero – Rise Against the Invaders

Five years after the invasion, you, the protagonist of our story, find yourself transformed into a cyborg. However, a fortunate malfunction allows you to retain your memories and individuality.

This twist of fate leads you to make a bold decision: to stand against the alien oppressors and join the ranks of the human resistance.

You become the beacon of hope in this dark world, ready to fight for the liberation of humanity.

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Gameplay – Action Meets Logic

Colony 28 offers a compelling side-scrolling platform experience. You’ll step into the shoes of a combat robot, equipped to battle the relentless enemies determined to destroy you. Your mission is clear: thwart the alien forces at every turn.

It’s time to fight for freedom and restore Earth to its rightful owners. Are you ready to join the resistance and take back Colony 28?

To advance through the game, you’ll face a series of tasks, each bringing you one step closer to victory. Overcoming these challenges will unlock new levels and keep you on the edge of your seat.

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A Unique Fusion of Genres

The game is combining the best elements of 2D arcade action and classic adventure. As you delve into the world of Colony 28, you’ll discover a carefully balanced mix of action-packed sequences and mind-bending puzzles.

It’s a journey that promises to keep you engaged and excited at every turn.

Defy the Odds, Restore Humanity

As a human captive turned into a robot, you are the symbol of hope and resistance. Your quest begins with a fateful short-circuiting of your control chip during an attack on the transport ship that was meant to take you to the orbital station.

This malfunction sets you free, restoring your free will. Now, armed with newfound purpose, you must stand alone against the alien forces to secure humanity’s freedom. Are you up to the challenge?

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Play Colony 28 online

You can play Colony 28 online, in a web brower!

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How do I control the player character in Colony 28?

In Colony 28, you’ll control a combat robot in a side-scrolling platform environment. Use your keyboard or controller to navigate the character and engage with the game world.

Are there different difficulty levels in the game?

Yes, Colony 28 offers varying difficulty levels to accommodate players of different skill levels. You can choose the level that suits your preferences and enjoy the game at your own pace.

What sets Colony 28 apart from other platform games?

Colony 28 stands out with its unique fusion of action and logic, offering a diverse gaming experience. The game challenges you with tasks that require both quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

How can I join the human resistance in Colony 28?

As you progress through the game, you’ll uncover the story of your transformation and your decision to join the resistance. Your actions and determination in the game’s narrative will lead you to becoming a key part of the human resistance against the alien invaders.