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Comanche: Maximum Overkill is the first helicopter simulator using Voxel engine, which renders organic and lifelike terrain and realistic looking objects.

VOXEL Engine

In 1992, Novalogic introduced the VOXEL engine, a groundbreaking technology capable of rendering lifelike terrain and realistic objects.

This engine set Comanche: Maximum Overkill apart from its contemporaries, as no other polygon game engine at the time could match its capabilities.

Running on a 386 CPU with a mere 4 MB RAM, Comanche utilized approximately 500 KB base memory and 3 MB XMS, excluding EMS.

Those early days of gaming marked a revelation with astonishing VGA graphics, full Sound Blaster support, and joystick compatibility.

The Gaming Experience

Graphics and Sound: A Visual and Auditory Treat

Comanche: Maximum Overkill boasted stunning VGA graphics, vibrant colors, and full Sound Blaster support.

The visual experience was particularly impressive on the 13 or 14-inch monitors of that era, providing players with an immersive and aesthetically pleasing environment.

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Gameplay Dynamics: Missions and Training

Diverging from the traditional campaign-style gameplay, Comanche offered approximately 70 missions divided into distinct episodes. The gameplay primarily focused on search-and-destroy missions, augmented by a comprehensive training section.

Players assumed control of the LHX AH64 Comanche, a light attack helicopter, and engaged in learning the intricacies of its operation.

Armament Arsenal: Strategic Choices

Comanche’s armament included a diverse array of weapons, ranging from a Vulcan cannon to hellfire missiles, rockets, and sidewinders. Each weapon had its unique specifications, requiring players to make strategic choices based on mission objectives.

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Fuel limitations added an extra layer of challenge, urging players to complete missions within a constrained timeframe.

Weapons Overview

  • Hellfires: First-generation missiles requiring laser lock, offering the ability to switch targets mid-flight.
  • Sidewinders: ‘Fire and forget’ missiles, allowing for target acquisition without the need for continuous lock.
  • Cannon: Effective at short range, versatile for various targets.
  • Rockets: Unguided, armor-piercing, and short-range, posing a challenge for hitting moving targets.

Tactical Challenges: Terrain and Enemies

The game introduced tactical challenges, requiring players to navigate varying terrains and contend with Soviet-style combatants.

Enemies fought back, necessitating strategic maneuvers such as hiding behind terrain slopes, flying low, and maintaining constant movement.

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Collaborative Gameplay: Wingmen and Artillery

Certain missions provided players with wingmen, enabling the utilization of their weaponry against selected targets.

Additionally, artillery salvoes could be commanded by locking onto a target, diversifying the gameplay dynamics.

Night Missions: Adding a Spooky Element

Comanche added an extra layer of complexity with night missions, featuring night vision goggles that provided a spooky and atmospheric effect.

Technical Considerations

Comanche, being a pure DOS game, faced challenges running directly under NT/XP. The introduction of DOSBox addressed this issue, enabling compatibility with modern operating systems. Interestingly, the game exhibited optimal performance on older DOS PCs with smaller VGA monitors, mitigating pixelation issues on larger displays.

A Balance of Realism and Fun

While Comanche did not aim for hyper-realistic war simulation, it offered a fun helicopter flight simulation with engaging action sequences.

Notable is the resilience of the AH64 helicopter and the relatively easy destruction of enemies, contributing to an overall entertaining experience.

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Play Comanche: Maximum Overkill Online

You can play Comanche: Maximum Overkill online, in a web browser, for free!

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What makes Comanche stand out from other helicopter simulation games?

Comanche distinguishes itself with the innovative VOXEL engine, providing lifelike terrain and realistic objects. The diverse armament options and strategic gameplay elements further set it apart.

How challenging are the missions in Comanche?

Comanche features a mix of challenging missions, requiring players to navigate terrains, strategically choose weapons, and contend with resilient enemies. Fuel limitations add an additional layer of difficulty.

Is Comanche: Maximum Overkill suitable for players new to flight simulations?

Yes, Comanche offers a comprehensive training section, making it accessible for players new to flight simulations. The intuitive joystick support and engaging gameplay contribute to a user-friendly experience.