Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations

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Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations serves as an add-on to the popular Command & Conquer game, providing players with additional content and challenges. While it doesn't offer a new storyline or significant enhancements, it brings extra missions and maps for those seeking more action in the Command & Conquer universe.

A Familiar Experience

As an expansion to Command & Conquer, The Covert Operations doesn’t deviate much from the original game. The graphics, weapons, sound effects, and interface remain unchanged, giving players a familiar gaming experience. The main additions include ten new multiplayer maps and fifteen single-player missions, accompanied by seven new music tracks.

Challenging Gameplay

Despite the similarities to the base game, The Covert Operations falls short in terms of enjoyable gameplay. The missions are notoriously difficult and often feel more like intricate puzzles than strategic challenges. Completing them in a single session is a rarity, as players must meticulously analyze each level to find the precise sequence leading to victory.

The linear and rigid mission design detracts from the dynamic essence of real-time strategy games, making it a daunting task even for devoted Command & Conquer enthusiasts.

Lack of Engaging Story

Unlike the gripping narrative in Command & Conquer, The Covert Operations lacks a compelling storyline. It adopts an open-ended approach, allowing players to tackle missions in any order without a cohesive overarching plot.

This absence of a greater purpose or goal diminishes the sense of immersion, leaving players without a strong incentive to delve deeper into the game.


While The Covert Operations provides additional content to extend the Command & Conquer experience, it falls short of living up to the original game’s excitement and captivating gameplay. The overly challenging missions and lack of a gripping story may leave players feeling disconnected and unenthusiastic about this expansion.

Online Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations Play

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Is Command & Conquer: Covert Operations a standalone game?

No, Covert Operations is an expansion pack for the original Command & Conquer game. You need the base game to play this add-on.

Are the new missions significantly different from those in the base game?

The missions in Covert Operations maintain a similar style to the ones in the base game, with some added difficulty. However, they do not introduce major gameplay changes or a new storyline.

Can I use the new music tracks outside of the game?

Yes, the seven new music tracks included in Covert Operations can be played during the game or accessed separately on a standard CD player.

Does Covert Operations enhance the graphics or other visuals?

No, Covert Operations does not bring any visual enhancements; it relies on the graphics and interface from the original Command & Conquer game.