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Curse of Enchantia

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Unravel the Mysteries of Curse of Enchantia.

Dive into the fantastical realm of Curse of Enchantia, where a malevolent witch’s curse has trapped a young boy, forcing him to navigate this mystical land and find his way back home.

Unravel the secrets and challenges that lie within this adventure game.

A Cursed Fantasy

In the magical world of Enchantia, a powerful witch’s curse has darkened the land.

This witch, driven by a desire for eternal youth, seeks to use a young boy as the final ingredient for her rejuvenating potion.

Transported from the mortal world, the chosen victim must battle the curse’s evil grip and secure his safe return.

An Adventure Unveiled

Curse of Enchantia, developed by Core Design and released in 1992, presents the story of Brad, a modern Earth teenager, who finds himself abducted to the mystical world of Enchantia by an evil witch-queen.

As Brad, players must unravel the mysteries of Enchantia and seek a way back to their own dimension.

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Unique Gameplay Mechanics

Core Design ventured into the adventure genre with Curse of Enchantia, offering unconventional gameplay elements.

The game’s point-and-click interface allows players to command Brad using an icon-based control bar. Actions such as inventory management, interaction with objects, and communication are driven by this innovative system.

Challenges and Controversies

“Curse of Enchantia” deviates from traditional adventure game conventions by forgoing text-based object descriptions and conversations.

Instead, the game relies on comic book-style speech balloons with pictograms for communication.

The inclusion of action-style sequences adds a layer of excitement, though the character’s immortality removes the risk of failure.

Curse of Enchantia features a distinctive communication system using comic book-style speech balloons with pictograms.

An Epic Journey

Follow Brad’s journey through Enchantia as he navigates various locations, encounters eccentric characters, and attempts to thwart the evil witch-queen’s plans.

From dungeons to surreal landscapes like the Edge of the World and the Ice Palace, players must collect a unique set of items to defeat the witch and return home.


Curse of Enchantia stands as a unique entry in the adventure game genre, offering unconventional mechanics and a fantasy-driven storyline.

While its design choices received mixed responses, the game’s engaging narrative and creative approach make it an intriguing experience for gamers seeking a different kind of adventure.

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Play Curse of Enchantia Online

Play Curse of Enchantia online through your browser on our website.

It’s fully compatible with both mobile and tablet devices, providing a convenient and immersive gaming experience.

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What is the premise of Curse of Enchantia?

In the game, a young boy is trapped in the magical world of Enchantia by an evil witch’s curse and must navigate the land to break the spell and return home.

How does the gameplay of Curse of Enchantia differ from traditional adventure games?

Curse of Enchantia introduces unconventional gameplay mechanics, such as an icon-based control bar for actions and comic book-style speech balloons with pictograms for communication.

What challenges does the player face in Curse of Enchantia?

Players must guide the protagonist, Brad, through various locations, encounter eccentric characters, and collect specific items to defeat the evil witch-queen and escape the curse.

How does the communication system work in Curse of Enchantia?

Instead of text-based conversations, the game employs comic book-style speech balloons with pictograms to facilitate communication between characters.