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Cyber-Cop delivers a pioneering blend of FPS and RPG, offering a futuristic adventure with diverse characters, unique abilities, and strategic challenges

Some games are true pioneers, pushing the boundaries of gaming experiences with innovative perspectives, controls, and elements. When it comes to the first real first-person shooter, many would point to Wolfenstein 3D.

However, for the first game with a first-person POV, real-time combat, and enemy engagements, Corporation takes the lead, predating Wolfenstein 3D by two years!

But Corporation isn’t your typical FPS; it’s an RPG. Players select from six characters, each with unique stats influencing their abilities in carrying items, dealing damage, electronic repairs, hacking, and more.

The four human characters wield PSI powers, while the androids possess exceptional strength and endurance. Think of Corporation as a sci-fi version of Eye of the Beholder with smoother movement, or an early precursor to titles like Deus Ex or System Shock.

Cyber-Cop (genesis gallery 04)

Unravel the Mysteries of the Future with Cyber-Cop!

The World of Cyber-Cop

Set in a distant, dystopian future, robots have largely replaced humans in the workforce. The U.C.C. (Universal Cybernetics Corporation) stands as the leading producer of these machines.

After a series of bizarre and gruesome incidents near the corporation’s London headquarters, ZODIAC, the secret service, springs into action. Players step into the shoes of one of six agents tasked with infiltrating the UCC building, navigating through five upper levels and eight sub-basements, and gathering evidence of any illicit activities. This demands stealth, eliminating enemies, escalating access levels, and hacking into computers.

The key is not to charge in guns blazing, as that’s a surefire way to meet an early demise. Corporation blends a first-person view with RPG elements. Being spotted by a security camera triggers an alarm, attracting nearby enemies. It’s crucial to eliminate cameras from a distance and conserve ammo.

Each level revolves around finding a computer console, elevating your access level, and descending further into the corporation’s depths.

Gear Up for the Mission

Exploration is rewarded with better equipment. Visors reveal hazardous gases, lock picks open doors, jetpacks grant flight. The portable computer provides a HUD map, and the compass guides you to computer terminals.

Fuse boxes offer an alternative to avoiding robots and cameras entirely. Managing your inventory is vital; carrying too much drains energy faster. Human characters can learn PSI abilities, allowing for flight or self-healing.

The Game’s Triumphs and Setbacks

While the concept of Corporation is intriguing, execution falls short due to its premature release. Technological limitations of the era greatly affected both presentation and gameplay.

Cyber-Cop (genesis gallery 02)

Graphics suffer, with detailed enemies contrasting starkly with featureless, textureless walls. Levels lack variety, and the soundtrack is minimalistic, only changing during alarms or undetected movement.

The Genesis port could have improved textures, but it didn’t. Frame rate drops occur when numerous enemies are on-screen. The control scheme, adapted from mouse controls, proves cumbersome. Picking up items requires navigating menus, leaving players vulnerable. Auto-aiming, while convenient, can lead to wasted ammo.

Conclusion: A Glimpse at Unfulfilled Potential

Corporation’s concept was groundbreaking for its time, offering a unique blend of FPS and RPG elements. However, technical limitations hindered its execution, resulting in a game that struggles to captivate players for extended periods. Despite its innovative premise, Corporation ultimately falls short of its potential.

Play Cyber-Cop online Anytime, Anywhere!

Whether on your computer, mobile, or tablet, you can dive into the world of Cyber-Cop and unravel the mysteries of the future. Play now and embark on a futuristic adventure like never before!

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How many characters can you choose from in Cyber-Cop?

Players have a choice of six characters in Cyber-Cop, including two male, two female, and two android agents. Each character possesses unique stats and abilities.

What is the setting of Cyber-Cop?

Cyber-Cop is set in a dark, distant future where robots have replaced most human labor, and the Universal Cybernetics Corporation reigns as the leading producer of these machines.

What distinguishes Cyber-Cop from standard first-person shooters?

Cyber-Cop is not a typical first-person shooter; it incorporates RPG elements. Players must strategize, considering factors like stealth, hacking, and PSI powers (for human characters) while navigating the game’s challenges.

What are some key challenges players face in Cyber-Cop?

Players in Cyber-Cop must contend with security cameras, enemies, access levels, and locked doors. Navigating these obstacles is essential to progress through the game.

How does inventory management work in Cyber-Cop?

Managing inventory is crucial in Cyber-Cop. Carrying too many items can drain energy faster, so players must prioritize and drop unnecessary items. Strength determines how much you can carry.