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DEcapAttack delivers a spooky 2D platforming experience with Chuck D. Head, unique boss battles, and exploration across eerie worlds

As October unfolds, what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than exploring some spooky-themed games? In this Retro Review, we delve into SEGA’s DEcapAttack – a game with a fascinating history of transformation.

Originally based on a Japanese anime, it underwent a major overhaul to cater to Western audiences. Let’s dive in and unearth the ghoulish delights of DEcapAttack.

The Transmutation for Western Audiences

How do you adapt a game rooted in a Japanese anime for a Western audience? SEGA’s solution was DEcapAttack. The original “Magical Hat’s Turbo Flight! Adventure” debuted in Japan in 1990, inspired by the anime series “Magical Hat.”

To bring it to the West, a unique and slightly macabre theme was infused. While the gameplay mechanics remained intact, everything from the storyline to visuals and level designs received a makeover tailored for Western audiences. The result? A game that captures the essence and provides a spooktacular gaming experience.

A Macabre Mummy’s Mission

DEcapAttack introduces us to Chuck D. Head, a mummy on a mission assigned by his creator, Dr. Frank N. Stein, to thwart the malevolent demon Max D. Cap.

he latter has unleashed his horde of underworld monsters on the surface world, and in the process, shattered an island that eerily resembles a skeleton into seven fragments. Chuck’s quest? Travel to each island, conquer the formidable boss on each, reunite the skeletal archipelago, and banish Max D. Cap back to the netherworld.

DEcapAttack (genesis gallery 01)

A Spooky Adventure through 21 Levels

Spanning across seven distinct worlds, DEcapAttack boasts 21 levels. Players guide our bandaged protagonist, Chuck, through enemy-infested terrains, where lava pits pose an imminent threat.

Levels vary in direction, challenging players to explore horizontally, vertically, and even in reverse. While not overly long, they encourage thorough exploration. Breakable statues conceal various treasures, including health packs, temporary power-ups, and valuable coins used in end-of-world bonus games for extra lives and items.

A Ghastly Challenge

DEcapAttack offers a solid challenge. Unfortunately, when Chuck meets his demise, the contents of previously plundered stone idols remain unchanged. This means if you’ve collected all the health pickups in a level and meet an untimely end, you’ll restart the level without a chance to heal.

Additionally, there are no checkpoints, so expect pesky adversaries to impede your progress.

Battles with Bizarre Bosses

Each island culminates in a boss battle. Chuck faces off against a peculiar array of foes, including baby frog-spewing bullfrogs, mischievous moles, and irate yetis. While the bosses’ patterns are relatively simple to learn, they become more challenging as their color shifts, indicating their proximity to defeat.

A Quest for Hidden Artifacts

Conquering a boss and reaching the level’s goal isn’t sufficient in DEcapAttack. Players must locate a concealed, special artifact within the level. Failure to retrieve it means retracing your steps. These artifacts are secreted within stone idols, often in remote locations.

Mummy Moves and Platform Precision

Chuck possesses an array of maneuvers to navigate levels and confront bosses. He can stomp on enemies multiple times or launch his face forward for a direct attack. However, precise timing is essential to avoid counterattacks.

DEcapAttack (genesis gallery 04)

Additionally, Chuck can discover a power-up that grants a boomerang-like skeleton head, offering a ranged attack.

Platforming in DEcapAttack is responsive, and Chuck’s ability to slow his descent aids in making precise jumps. This skill proves invaluable, as without it, the game would be considerably more challenging.

A Visual and Auditory Treat

Running on the SEGA Genesis, DEcapAttack impresses with detailed, eerie environments. Character sprites, particularly Chuck and the colossal boss figures, boast impressive intricacy. The game’s soundtrack, utilizing the signature Genesis soundfont, features catchy tunes that evoke the game’s spooky ambiance.

Unearth the ghoulish delights of DEcapAttack and embark on a spooktacular adventure!


Returning to the macabre realm of DEcapAttack was both thrilling and challenging. Controlling Chuck D. Head in his quest to save the world and defeat Max D. Cap proved to be an engaging endeavor.

While DEcapAttack doesn’t revolutionize the platforming genre, its unique atmosphere and vibe set it apart. With its solid mechanics and bone-chilling charm, DEcapAttack stands as a testament to timeless 2D platforming.

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Is DEcapAttack available on modern consoles?

Currently, DEcapAttack is not available on modern consoles. It can be enjoyed through emulation or on original SEGA Genesis hardware.

Can Chuck D. Head regain lost health?

Unfortunately, if Chuck succumbs to his adversaries, any health pickups previously collected will not respawn. Players must proceed without the means to heal.

Are there any alternative characters to play as?

In DEcapAttack, players exclusively control Chuck D. Head. However, Chuck’s unique abilities and vibrant personality make for a compelling gaming experience.

How many different bosses are there in this game?

DEcapAttack features a diverse array of bosses, each with its own distinctive characteristics and attack patterns. Players will face off against an assortment of foes in their quest to save the world.

What sets DEcapAttack apart from other platformers of its era?

DEcapAttack distinguishes itself with its captivating macabre theme, imaginative level design, and engaging gameplay mechanics.

Chuck’s quirky abilities and the game’s spooky atmosphere combine to create a truly unique platforming experience.