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Experience the adrenaline-pumping mayhem of Destruction Derby, a classic vehicular combat racing game that brings chaotic destruction to the forefront.

Originally released in 1995 for the original PlayStation, this Reflections title has made its way to the PSP through the PlayStation Store, offering a new generation of gamers the chance to embrace the thrill of crash-filled competitions and glory-seeking races.”


Destruction Derby, a groundbreaking vehicular combat racing video game, first hit the gaming scene in 1995 on the original PlayStation.

Gameplay and Modes

The game’s premise centers around the high-octane sport of demolition derby, and it presents three distinctive vehicles for players to commandeer. Car collisions bear real consequences, impacting steering and maximum speed, with frontal crashes posing a risk of radiator damage that can lead to overheating and engine shutdown.

Destruction Derby offers a quartet of engaging game modes: the eponymous Destruction Derby mode tasks players with amassing points by wrecking opponents in the sprawling arena known as The Bowl. Stock Car Racing mandates securing the top spot without awarding points for vehicle destruction.

The hybrid Wreckin’ Racing mode combines both racing prowess and vehicular wreckage for score accumulation. Finally, the Time Trial mode allows players to undertake solo time attack challenges.

The PlayStation version facilitates system link play for two players, while the MS-DOS version features online multiplayer functionality.

Play Modes and Variety

Destruction Derby introduces a selection of play modes, including Stock Car Racing, which centers solely on clinching victory, and Destruction Derby, where the primary goal is to eliminate opponents’ vehicles. Wreckin’ Racing strikes a balance between these two approaches.

Additionally, the game offers a single-player Time Trial mode. Regrettably, the scope of tracks available is a tad limited.

With only one arena for Destruction Derby (though its simplicity is fitting) and a handful of race circuits, diversity is somewhat lacking.

The track designs themselves also leave room for improvement, with an overemphasis on flat courses featuring numerous 90-degree turns.

Chaos and Gameplay

Destruction Derby’s charm lies in the unadulterated chaos that characterizes every event. The game thrives on the vulnerability of the vehicles, allowing players to relish the satisfaction of causing adversaries to spin out of control upon collision.

The titular Destruction Derbies deliver a satisfying experience, inviting players to drive headlong into the maelstrom and relish the ensuing debris-filled spectacle.

Controls and Visuals

The driving mechanics exhibit a loose feel, necessitating a bit of adjustment to master vehicle control. While the tendency to oversteer during turns can be challenging, responsive input facilitates refined driving skills.

Destruction Derby’s blend of demolition derby chaos and racing elements laid the foundation for a subgenre of vehicular combat games that continue to be popular to this day.

Although the controls might not be flawless, the game’s inherent chaos mitigates any potential frustration.

Visually, Destruction Derby retains its technical prowess as a PlayStation classic. The vehicles showcase impressive damage modeling, with debris scattering each time a collision occurs.

Occasional instances of slowdown are present but rarely disrupt the overall gameplay experience.


Destruction Derby offers an entertaining racing experience, prioritizing thrilling chaos over refined racing mechanics.

While the game’s madcap races provide ample enjoyment, the scarcity of track options and uninspiring track designs slightly diminish its overall appeal.

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Can I play Destruction Derby on modern platforms?

Yes, the game has been re-released for the PSP through the PlayStation Store, allowing players to enjoy the game on modern handheld devices.

Is multiplayer available in Destruction Derby?

Yes, the game supports multiplayer functionality. The PlayStation version offers system link play for two players, while the MS-DOS version features online multiplayer.

How does the scoring work in Destruction Derby's game modes?

The game features various modes, including Destruction Derby, Wreckin’ Racing, Stock Car Racing, and Time Trial.

Each mode has unique scoring mechanics based on its objectives, whether it’s wrecking opponents’ vehicles or racing to finish first.

Are there different types of vehicles in Destruction Derby?

The game presents players with three distinct vehicles to choose from, each offering a slightly different experience in terms of handling and performance.

What sets Destruction Derby apart from other racing games?

The game’s standout feature is its emphasis on vehicular combat and chaos. The game encourages players to engage in aggressive collisions and vehicle wreckage, setting it apart from more traditional racing games.