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Dig It! is a classic platform adventure where players assume the role of Dug Kewl and must rescue his kidnapped wife, Dugette, from the clutches of the Supreme Spurkasaur by navigating through four worlds and digging down to progress through levels while facing various enemies and collecting treasures.

Dig It! – A Classic Platform Adventure

Dig It! is a classic platform game that takes players on an exciting adventure as they assume the role of Dug Kewl, a courageous protagonist determined to rescue his wife, Dugette, who has been kidnapped by the Supreme Spurkasaur.

Armed with a trusty drill and gun, Dug must navigate through four unique worlds, facing various challenges and foes, to save his beloved before it’s too late.

Platform Adventure with a Twist

In Dig It!, players embark on a journey through multiple levels in each world. The primary objective is to locate the marked spots, indicated by an X, and dig down to progress to the next level. Along the way, Dug encounters a diverse array of enemies, including dragons, giant snails, armored hedgehogs, and other monsters, which must be defeated.

The game also offers plenty of treasure to collect, as well as secret areas that can be accessed by digging in certain unmarked locations.

A Blend of Dig Dug and Platform Gaming

Dig It! creatively combines the gameplay elements of Dig Dug, an arcade classic, with the mechanics of a platform game.

Players assume the role of Dug Kewl, equipped with a powerful blaster and drill, as they embark on the quest to rescue Dugette from the clutches of the Supreme Spurkasaur. Throughout the levels, players engage in thrilling combat, blasting dinosaurs and dealing with challenging enemies. Additionally, the presence of evil snails adds an interesting twist, requiring players to strategize and adapt their approach accordingly.

A Challenging Adventure with Rewards

As players progress through the game, they encounter an increasing level of difficulty. While the blended graphics might take some getting used to, the gameplay remains engaging and entertaining. Players can expect a rewarding experience filled with action, exploration, and treasure hunting.

With four distinct worlds to conquer, each brimming with unique challenges, Dig It! provides a memorable and satisfying platform adventure.


Dig It! is a testament to the creative talents of the Pixel Painters, offering a delightful blend of Dig Dug’s arcade charm and the excitement of a platform game. As Dug Kewl, players will embark on a challenging journey to rescue Dugette from the clutches of the Supreme Spurkasaur.

The game’s engaging gameplay, diverse enemies, and hidden treasures make it a true classic for platform gaming enthusiasts.

Dig It! was developed by Pixel Painters, showcasing their creative prowess in blending classic game elements into an enjoyable and unique experience.

Play Dig It! Online for Free

If you want to experience the nostalgic charm of Dig It!, you can play the game online for free right in your web browser.

Relive the classic platform adventure and embark on a thrilling quest to save Dugette from the clutches of the Supreme Spurkasaur.

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