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Dogz: A heartwarming virtual adventure, offering delightful puppy companionship with charming graphics, engaging activities, and cross-platform play for endless joy and connection

Dogz by Ubisoft offers a unique virtual pet experience on Game Boy Advance. Immerse yourself in the world of puppy simulation and embark on a heartwarming journey to raise and befriend your digital canine companion.

Choosing Your Perfect Pup

Begin by customizing your gaming experience. Select your gender, name, and preferences for your soon-to-be furry friend. Explore various pet shops, each housing a selection of adorable puppies. Your mission: find the perfect companion to bring home and care for.

Building the Bond

Your journey kicks off as a third-grader eager to add a new member to the family. Interact with your puppy through engaging activities, from playful games to essential training sessions. Your parents guide you on the path to responsible puppy parenting, offering valuable advice throughout the game.

Dogz (GBA gallery 03)

Nurturing Your Virtual Friend

Your responsibilities include showering your puppy with attention, teaching it commands, and maintaining its well-being. Master basic commands like “carry,” “sit,” “lie down,” and “bed” before progressing to advanced tricks. Keep a close eye on your puppy’s needs, from food and water to playtime and cleanliness.

Managing Your Daily Routine

Navigate through the game by moving from room to room, with time passing in intervals. Plan your activities wisely as bedtime approaches at 9 pm. Assess your puppy’s progress through a detailed status screen, tracking elements like training, fur coat, friends, and walking status.

Weekly Check-ups and Vet Visits

Saturdays bring visits to the veterinarian, providing insights into your puppy’s well-being. Follow the vet’s advice to ensure a happy and stress-free companion. Progress through the weeks, addressing your puppy’s needs and unlocking new items to enhance your virtual pet experience.

Extended Gameplay and Mini-Games

Complete the three-week cycle, saving your progress in designated slots for future visits. Explore additional modes where you can revisit your puppy, play mini-games such as puppy-style Othello and obstacle courses, or engage in a puppy knowledge quiz.

Multiplayer Adventures

Connect with friends using the Game Boy Advance link cable, extending the joy of virtual puppy companionship. Share your puppy’s progress and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded players.

Dogz (GBA gallery 02)


Dogz for Game Boy Advance provides a delightful virtual pet adventure tailored for younger audiences. With its charming graphics, engaging gameplay, and the nostalgic feel of raising a virtual puppy, it offers a unique experience, although more seasoned players may find it less interactive compared to modern alternatives like Nintendogs.

Unleash the joy of virtual companionship – Dogz, where every wagging tail tells a tale of friendship.

Play Dogz Anywhere, Anytime

Experience the joy of raising your virtual puppy not only on your Game Boy Advance but also on your web browser, mobile phone, and tablet. Seamlessly switch between devices and continue the heartwarming journey with your furry friend.

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Can I play Dogz on my mobile device?

Yes, Dogz offers cross-platform play, allowing you to enjoy the game on your mobile phone or tablet.

Are there in-game purchases in Dogz?

Dogz does not feature in-game purchases, providing a complete and immersive experience without additional transactions.

How often should I visit the veterinarian in the game?

Regular veterinary check-ups occur every Saturday in the game. Listen to the vet’s advice to ensure your puppy’s well-being.

Can I connect with friends and their virtual puppies?

Absolutely! Utilize the Game Boy Advance link cable to connect with friends and share the joy of raising virtual puppies.

What are the mini-games in Dogz?

Dogz includes three entertaining mini-games: puppy-style Othello, an obstacle course for your puppy, and a puppy knowledge quiz. Explore these activities for added fun.