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Dr. Sudoku delivers a stimulating Sudoku experience with a thousand original puzzles, diverse difficulty levels, and strategic gameplay, perfect for logic enthusiasts seeking endless challenges

Dr. Sudoku marks our family’s second dive into the mobile Sudoku world, following our enjoyment of Sudoku Fever. In this review, we’ll explore how Dr. Sudoku compares, examining its strengths and drawbacks.

The Sudoku Phenomenon

Sudoku, a logic puzzle housed in a 9×9 grid, captivates players by filling empty spaces with numbers 1-9, ensuring no repetition in each horizontal line and 3×3 grid. This game promises a challenging experience with varying difficulty levels and fewer pre-entered numbers in advanced stages.

Abundance of Puzzles

With a staggering one thousand original puzzles spread across twenty levels, each hosting 50 puzzles, Dr. Sudoku boasts an extensive puzzle library. Additionally, players can create personalized puzzles, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The inclusion of a memo option for noting possible numbers adds a strategic element to gameplay.

Unleash Your Logic Skills: Dr. Sudoku, a mobile puzzle sensation, challenges players with a thousand original puzzles and a variety of gameplay options.

Dr. Sudoku (GBA gallery 02)

User Interface and Customization

The interface allows users to toggle between difficulty levels and access the help screen using the R and L buttons. While the background customization feature exists, the limited color choices diminish its significance. The music can be changed, but the options remain basic.

Graphics and Aesthetics

Dr. Sudoku provides a plethora of puzzles, but Sudoku Fever outshines in terms of aesthetics. The latter’s visually pleasing backgrounds and less intrusive cursor contribute to a more enjoyable gaming experience. The constant flashing cursor in Dr. Sudoku becomes a visual distraction, impacting the overall appeal.

Gameplay Experience

Gameplay in Dr. Sudoku earns a commendable 7.5, offering enjoyable features like the ability to input number possibilities. However, the lackluster backgrounds and the distracting flashing cursor slightly diminish the overall experience.

Graphics and Sound Ratings

Graphics receive a modest score of 6.0 due to their minimalistic nature, while sound garners a 5.0 for its average quality.

Difficulty Levels and Concept

The game’s difficulty spans from very easy to very hard, providing a spectrum for players of all skill levels. While Dr. Sudoku doesn’t introduce groundbreaking concepts, it stands as a solid rendition of the classic Sudoku puzzle.

Overall Impression

Dr. Sudoku earns an overall rating of 7.0, primarily attributed to its extensive puzzle options and gameplay variety. However, the lack of attention to visual aesthetics hampers its potential for a more enjoyable playthrough.

Dr. Sudoku (GBA gallery 04)


In conclusion, Dr. Sudoku serves as a robust Sudoku platform, but its visual aspects leave room for improvement. Puzzle enthusiasts seeking a vast array of challenges may find it appealing, but those prioritizing aesthetics might lean towards alternative options.

Play Dr. Sudoku Anywhere, Anytime!

Enjoy the Sudoku excitement on the go! Dr. Sudoku is available for play on web browsers, mobile phones, and tablets, ensuring limitless entertainment across your favorite devices.

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Can I play Dr. Sudoku on my mobile phone?

Yes, this game is compatible with mobile phones, allowing you to enjoy the game on your handheld device.

How many puzzles does this game offer?

The game boasts a vast collection of one thousand original puzzles, ensuring a wealth of gaming content.

Are there difficulty levels in this game?

Indeed, this game provides various difficulty levels, ranging from very easy to very hard, catering to players of different skill levels.

Can I customize the game's appearance?

While Dr. Sudoku offers limited background customization, the color choices are minimal.

What sets this game apart from other Sudoku games?

This gamedistinguishes itself with an extensive puzzle library, user-generated puzzles, and a memo option for strategic gameplay.