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Drill Dozer, a GBA masterpiece by Game Freak, offers thrilling drilling adventures, ingenious puzzles, and immersive rumble support, ensuring an unforgettable and joyous gaming experience

Drill Dozer, a beacon of brilliance in the realm of Game Boy Advance platformers, emerges from the shadows as a hidden gem. Developed by Game Freak, the same minds behind Pokémon, Drill Dozer showcases a level of sophistication and ingenuity that places it among the best titles for the GBA.

Despite its remarkable qualities, the game faced an unfortunate twist of fate, launched in 2005 just as the Nintendo DS was gaining dominance. This led to Drill Dozer being overshadowed, with its recognition mainly confined to the world of Super Smash Bros. as an assist trophy.

The Rumble Revolution

One distinctive feature that sets Drill Dozer apart is its incorporation of rumble support, a rare gem among GBA cartridges. The tactile experience offered by the built-in motor added a layer of immersion to the gameplay. Even in the Wii U Virtual Console re-release in 2016, this feature was retained, proving that Drill Dozer was ahead of its time in terms of integrating innovative gaming elements.

The Protagonist’s Quest

Jill, the protagonist of Drill Dozer, leads the Red Dozers—a gang with a penchant for drilling and digging. The narrative kicks off with Jill, in her mighty Drill Dozer, infiltrating the hideout of the rival Skullkers gang. The objective is clear: retrieve the stolen Red Diamond, a cherished gift from Jill’s late mother. The premise sets the stage for a thrilling adventure filled with drilling, exploration, and encounters with formidable foes.Drill Dozer (GBA gallery 04)

The Drill Dozer’s Might

At the heart of the gameplay is the Drill Dozer itself, a bipedal walking tank equipped with a formidable drill. Jill takes control from the top half of the dozer, creating a gameplay dynamic reminiscent of other iconic mechas in gaming. The drill isn’t just a tool; it’s the core mechanic that shapes the entire gaming experience.

Unveiling Layers of Complexity

While drilling through obstacles may seem like a straightforward task, this game introduces layers of complexity. Gears, discovered throughout the varied levels, power up Jill’s drill, reaching a maximum of three levels of potency. Progression often hinges on finding these gears, adding a puzzle-solving element to the gameplay. This guided yet unguided approach provides a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

Diverse Challenges and Strategic Upgrades

Drill Dozer doesn’t rely solely on drilling mechanics. It introduces color-coded tunnels and various obstacles, requiring strategic use of the drill. Each level adds a new gameplay layer, keeping players on their toes.

Upgrades, obtained through chips found during gameplay, enhance Jill’s capabilities and offer versatility. The shop, unlocked after the first level, allows players to exchange chips for valuable upgrades, fostering a sense of customization and personalization.

Boss Battles and Creative Modifications

Every area in this game culminates in a boss battle, each designed with creativity and requiring strategic thinking. Bosses reveal their weaknesses through gameplay mechanics learned during the level, adding an element of discovery and reward. The game also introduces creative modifications for the Drill Dozer, such as transforming it into a submarine or a pseudo-helicopter, enhancing the overall variety.

Exploration and Replayability

Drill Dozer encourages exploration with open-ended level design, reminiscent of titles like Warioland 4. It strategically places items and hints at paths that become accessible with upgrades or additional gears. The end of each level is not just a culmination but an invitation to revisit past levels with newfound abilities, uncovering hidden treasures and secrets.

Drill Dozer (GBA gallery 02)

Critiques and Wishes

While Drill Dozer shines, some critiques surface. Boss gimmicks, at times, may not be obvious, presenting a challenge. A minor wish emerges for faster movement in the Drill Dozer, enhancing mobility.


Drill Dozer stands as a testament to Game Freak’s mastery of the Game Boy Advance’s hardware. Despite its initial obscurity, the game’s charm and gameplay make it a standout title. The combination of creativity, challenge, and charm defines Drill Dozer as a hidden masterpiece.

Unearth the joy of drilling and exploring with Drill Dozer—a forgotten masterpiece offering a unique blend of challenge and charm.

Play Drill Dozer Online Anywhere, Anytime

Drill Dozer is not confined to the past. Experience the joy on your web browser, mobile, or tablet. Embrace the nostalgia or discover it for the first time wherever you go.

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Can I play this game on my mobile device?

Absolutely! This game is accessible on both mobile devices and tablets.

Is there a sequel to Drill Dozer?

As of now, there is no official sequel to this game.

Are there additional levels or expansions available?

The game offers substantial replayability with upgrades and hidden treasures in existing levels.

Can I use rumble support in the Wii U Virtual Console version?

Yes, the Wii U Virtual Console version retains the rumble support for an enhanced gaming experience.

How long does it take to complete this game?

The main campaign takes approximately 6 hours, but exploring upgrades and treasures can extend your gameplay.