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Duke Nukem Advance delivers explosive 3D action on GBA, featuring iconic weapons, vibrant locations, and Duke's attitude – a must-play for FPS enthusiasts

The legendary Duke Nukem is back, armed with his trusty Desert Eagle, to take on an alien invasion force in a 19-level adventure spanning locations from Area 51 to Egypt and Australia. Let’s dive into the action-packed world of Duke Nukem Advance!

Alien Busting Arsenal

Duke Nukem Advance delivers a thrilling 3D shooter experience on GBA, staying true to the original Duke Nukem 3D for the PC. With nine unique weapons, intense action, and vibrant locations, it stands out as one of the best small-screen FPS games.

Weapons Galore

Duke’s arsenal includes the iconic Desert Eagle, combat shotgun, submachine gun, mini-gun lead cannon, pipe bombs, combat boots, and alien tech like the Freeze Gun and Shrink Ray. Master the controls and unleash Duke’s firepower on the alien scum.

Duke Nukem Advance (GBA gallery 03)

Gameplay and Exploration

While Duke Nukem Advance lacks the PC game’s interactivity, it compensates with intense action. Explore levels, discover hidden areas, activate security cameras, and strategically use weapons. The game’s level design is creative, offering a mix of challenge and exploration.

Kick some alien ass and chew bubblegum – Duke Nukem Advance brings the iconic hero to GBA with attitude!

Graphics and Sound

The game successfully brings PC graphics to GBA, offering smooth frame rates, fluid movement, and a gamma setting for brightness control. Hand-drawn cutscenes add a graphic-novel touch to the narrative. The sound is a standout, featuring Duke’s classic one-liners, synth-rock music, and immersive sound effects.

Single Player and Multiplayer Madness

With 19 expansive levels and four difficulty settings, Duke Nukem Advance offers a rich single-player experience. The multiplayer mode supports 2 to 4 players in deathmatch battles, although finding fellow players with GBA and the game might be a challenge.

Duke Nukem Advance (GBA gallery 02)

The Duke’s Verdict

Duke Nukem Advance stands out as the best FPS game for GBA, delivering an original adventure with the Duke’s signature style. Despite some flaws like limited save points, the game captures the essence of the PC classic. If you’re a fan of FPS and the Duke himself, it’s time to “Come get some!”


Duke Nukem Advance triumphs as a groundbreaking FPS on GBA, offering an original adventure, memorable Duke moments, and intense gameplay. The Duke has returned, and he’s not to be missed!

Play Duke Nukem Advance online Anywhere, Anytime

Experience Duke Nukem Advance on the go – play on the web or your mobile and tablet devices. The Duke’s action-packed adventure is now at your fingertips!

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Can I play Duke Nukem Advance on my mobile device?

Yes, Duke Nukem Advance is available for play on mobile and tablet devices, allowing you to enjoy the Duke’s adventure wherever you go.

What makes Duke Nukem Advance different from other FPS games?

Duke Nukem Advance distinguishes itself with its authentic Duke Nukem experience, a diverse arsenal of weapons, and vibrant locations, offering a unique 3D shooter on the GBA platform.

Are there hidden areas in the game, and why should I explore them?

Yes, each level contains hidden areas that can provide better gear and goodies. Exploring these areas adds an extra layer of challenge and rewards to the gameplay.

How does the multiplayer mode work, and is it easy to find players?

The multiplayer mode supports 2 to 4 players in deathmatch battles. However, finding fellow players with GBA and the game might be challenging due to hardware requirements.

Does Duke Nukem Advance support save points during levels?

No, the game does not have mid-level saves. However, it features a battery backup system, allowing you to save your progress after each stage. Be prepared for challenging boss fights that may require multiple attempts.