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Earthworm Jim 2

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Earthworm Jim 2 delivers an eccentric and unpredictable adventure with diverse levels, quirky challenges, and a cohesive yet wildly entertaining personality, ensuring an unforgettable gaming experience

Earthworm Jim 2 on SNES, an unconventional masterpiece that defies gaming norms, takes players on a surreal journey through a maze of intestines, bizarre weddings, and alien encounters. This sequel to the beloved Earthworm Jim disrupts expectations with its unexpected twists and turns.

The Quirky Adventure Unfolds

Jim’s Unlikely Mission

Embark on an unusual quest as Earthworm Jim, navigating a planet adorned with giant, delectable food, all while combating the eccentricities of Psy-Crow’s forced wedding to Princess What’s-her-name.

A Rollercoaster of Gameplay

Earthworm Jim 2 swiftly evolves from familiar run-and-jump mechanics to diverse challenges. Be it rescuing puppies, maneuvering a blind salamander in a maze of intestines, or protecting cows spewed out of flowers, every level presents a new and unexpected experience.

The Unpredictable Identity

The game’s identity lies in its unpredictability. While run-and-jump sections provide cohesion, the game can transform into an entirely different experience at any moment. This fluidity, while sometimes unfocused, contributes to the game’s unique charm.

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A Blessing and a Curse

The game’s ever-changing mechanics make it slightly unfocused. The arsenal of weapons, though abundant, resets upon losing a life, potentially disrupting the flow. The game’s identity crisis becomes both a blessing and a curse, offering a distinct experience while occasionally lacking focus.

Remarkable Variety

Despite minor shortcomings, Earthworm Jim 2 boasts remarkable level design and inventive boss battles. From ascending through a creepy carnival with an inflated head to facing off against the devil himself disguised as an evil cat, each level is a testament to the game’s creativity.

Divergence from the Original

Earthworm Jim 2 diverges significantly from its predecessor, embracing a wilder and goofier personality. The game’s cohesive theme and humor tie together the diverse levels, creating an experience that is distinctly its own.

Individuality Shines

The sequel’s rampant individuality sets it apart, offering a vast variety without compromising its core identity. Jim’s goofy demeanor, stunning animation, impressive graphics, and a soundtrack featuring classical tracks contribute to the game’s overall charm.

A Growing Appreciation

Despite initial expectations, Earthworm Jim 2 emerges as a more enjoyable experience than its predecessor. Its impact on childhood memories grows over time, fueled by the game’s ability to deliver a consistently fun and unique adventure.

The Sega Saturn Advantage

Different console versions present minor tweaks, with the Sega Saturn version standing out for its superior visuals. As the last installment handled by the original creators, Earthworm Jim 2 remains a nostalgic trip, leaving a lasting impression.


Earthworm Jim 2 stands as a testament to the beauty of unpredictability and individuality in gaming. Its bizarre yet cohesive journey offers an enjoyable experience that defies the norms of traditional sequels.

Experience the unexpected in Earthworm Jim 2 – where every level is a wild ride of surprises!

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Play Earthworm Jim 2 Online Anywhere, Anytime

Enjoy the eccentric adventure of Earthworm Jim 2 not only on your console but also on your web browser, mobile, and tablet devices. Dive into the unpredictable world of Jim whenever and wherever you please.

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What is the main objective of Earthworm Jim 2?

Earthworm Jim 2 follows Jim’s mission to thwart Psy-Crow’s forced wedding to Princess What’s-her-name, leading players through a diverse and unpredictable adventure.

How does the game's unpredictability contribute to its charm?

The ever-changing mechanics and diverse levels make Earthworm Jim 2 a unique and entertaining experience, allowing players to enjoy unexpected challenges and scenarios.

Does the game maintain a cohesive theme despite its varied levels?

Yes, Earthworm Jim 2 successfully ties together its diverse levels through a unifying theme and a consistent sense of humor, creating a cohesive and memorable gaming experience.

How does the Sega Saturn version differ from other console versions?

The Sega Saturn version of this game stands out for its superior visuals, offering players an enhanced graphical experience compared to other console versions.

Can I play Earthworm Jim 2 on different devices?

Absolutely! Experience the eccentric journey of Earthworm Jim 2 on your web browser, mobile, and tablet devices, providing flexibility and accessibility for players on the go.