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Earthworm Jim on GBA revives nostalgic 2D platforming with quirky characters, seamless visuals, and timeless fun, offering a delightful experience for both fans and newcomers

Embark on a nostalgic adventure with Earthworm Jim on the Game Boy Advance, a faithful port of the classic 16-bit SNES original. Revisit familiar levels, quirky characters, and experience 2D platforming at its finest.

The 16-Bit Legacy

Quirky Beginnings

In the era of the SNES, Shiny introduced Earthworm Jim, a 2D platformer known for solid action and eccentric humor. Despite a quality sequel, a lackluster 3D installment on the N64 tarnished the franchise’s reputation.

GBA Revival

With the Game Boy Advance’s arrival, Majesco Sales resurrected the 16-bit gem. Earthworm Jim for the GBA serves as a direct port, allowing players to relive iconic levels and rescue Princess What’s Her Name from bizarre environments.

Earthworm Jim (GBA gallery 03)

Familiar Mechanics

Jim retains his classic abilities—running, jumping, and shooting. His wormy head becomes a versatile tool for whipping, bungee jumping, or just hanging around. However, the blind port inherits some drawbacks, especially concerning the blaster mechanics.

Quirky Cast

The game reintroduces beloved characters like Psy-Crow, Evil the Cat, Peter Puppy, and Professor Monkey for a Head. Their presence adds to the charm, creating a nostalgic reunion for fans of the original series.

Visual Resilience

Originally impressive in 1994, Earthworm Jim’s detailed designs and fluid animations seamlessly transition to the GBA. Despite the aging 7-year-old engine, the game’s visual style remains captivating, showcasing its timeless appeal on the smaller screen.

Audio Accompaniment

While not a musical powerhouse, Earthworm Jim’s sound is proficient. The music, although not as iconic as other GBA titles, complements the gameplay without becoming intrusive. Voice samples, though tinny, maintain their charm from the original release.

Timeless Fun

Nostalgia Trip

For fans, Earthworm Jim on the GBA is a nostalgic treat, offering a blend of familiarity and genuine fun. Newcomers experience the eccentric world of Jim, showcasing that 2D platforming is alive and well, with room for laughter.

Earthworm Jim: Unearth Nostalgia, Embrace Laughter, and Navigate Quirky Adventures!

Earthworm Jim (GBA gallery 01)


Earthworm Jim on the Game Boy Advance not only resurrects a classic but reaffirms the vitality of 2D platforming. Nostalgia blends with genuine enjoyment, making it a treat for both series enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Laugh, jump, and rediscover the charm of Earthworm Jim’s offbeat world.

In summary, this game Jim on the Game Boy Advance captures the essence of 2D platforming nostalgia while introducing a new generation to its quirky charm. With a faithful port, familiar characters, and timeless gameplay, it’s a delightful journey into the offbeat world of Jim. Unearth nostalgia, embrace laughter, and navigate quirky adventures!

Play Earthworm Jim Anywhere, Anytime

Enjoy Earthworm Jim on the web or your mobile device, immersing yourself in quirky platforming action wherever you go. Embrace the flexibility of gaming across different platforms seamlessly.

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Is Earthworm Jim for GBA a new game or a port?

It’s a faithful port of the classic 16-bit SNES original, providing a nostalgic experience for fans and introducing newcomers to the iconic character.

Are there any improvements or changes in the GBA version?

While the GBA version retains the charm of the original, some drawbacks from the SNES release persist, especially in the blaster mechanics.

Can I play Earthworm Jim on my mobile device?

Absolutely! The game is accessible on mobile devices, allowing you to enjoy the quirky platforming action on the go.

What makes Earthworm Jim stand out visually on the GBA?

Despite the 7-year-old engine, Earthworm Jim’s detailed designs and animations seamlessly transition to the GBA, maintaining its captivating visual style.

Is the music in this game memorable?

While not as iconic as some GBA titles, the music in this game is proficient and complements the gameplay without being intrusive.